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Renting a new location for work


Trying to find your first or even the new location for your business in the Atlanta commercial real estate market comes with a lot of items. Some of these items are common sense. However many of these small things are often overlooked and not thought about in the process of trying to lease your company space. Having an industry professional on your side can help mitigate the risk of forgetting. You want to make sure that you have a license broker in the state of Georgia whenever going through any type of Atlanta commercial real estate transaction. The Office Advisors are your number one resource for Leasing.


 Now if you have never gone through a Atlanta Commercial Real Estate lease before then there are many things that you may not be aware of. Making sure that you count all of the small expenses along the way so three is no surprise. The Brokers at The Office Advisors will help guide you through the entire process. We will make sure that you were taking into account all the other small expenses and other things to think about. Because running your business is the most important task for you we for you up for that. So contact The Office Advisors today at 404-594-3028.


Commute for Everyone


 As a business owner it is very simple to think about your commute to work. However your employees drive into the office or location is just as important if not more. Having chronically late workers because of traffic issues can slow down your productivity massively. Understanding all of the factors that it takes when looking for a location that works for your employees. Taking this into account can help ensure that you have a happier work balance for your employees. Do not only think of yourself and look for a location for your next Atlanta commercial real estate office. The Office Advisors can help you plan a route for your employees so that they are not constantly battling traffic.


Now with being in the city of Atlanta there are many different options for your employees to drive to the office. With a major influx of younger workers moving into the city centre we are seeing a decline in the need for parking spaces. Due to the fact that many younger workers are opting for alternate modes of transportation. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is slowly moving towards less and less parking. We’re having employees using alternate modes of transportation for their commute is something that needs to be taken into consideration when looking at general Atlanta commercial real estate office space. 


Parking on Location


Furthermore understanding the amount of parking at your new location is a task that many business owners forget. However understanding the amount of parking per 1000 square feet of rentable space you take is the typical way that this is measured. In many cases around the Atlanta commercial real estate market you will see a fee for additional spaces. Moreover and some of the higher-end Class A Office Buildings everyone has to pay for their parking spot. Some of this is either pass through in your operating cost or passed on to your employees. Understanding this can help save you a lot of money and your employees a lot of money. Knowing how the parking setup is for your Atlanta commercial real estate office especially for your employees is capital.


Location to Other businesses


 Now many of the businesses we work with are not service industries. They have an actual product that they sell compete on the marketplace. In the Atlanta commercial real estate market we have many different types of products and a lot of locations available in close proximity to each other. Understanding where your competition is before leasing in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space can help you benefit majorly.


 Furthermore being within a reasonable distance from a competitor or a light business is the decision that needs to be undertaken. Knowing where the traffic patterns put you an advantage is another way to look at this. You do not want to be set up typically in the same Shopping Center or across the street from a major competitor of yours. Some of our clients however do I opted for this option.Subsequently it is up to the business owner to understand where their competition is and also if there’s like businesses around that they can feed off each other. Being in an area where similar but cohesive companies are can help set up your business for success.


Cost of Rent 


This might be a no-brainer about what you are paying monthly on your lease. Understanding what it is costing above your base rent to lease your space is imperative to a business’s success. Some of our clients find out after it is too late that they cannot afford and Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space where they thought. This is because they are typically looking at just what a base rental amount is. Understanding that there are other expenses that go into operating and running your leased space is something that everyone needs to be aware of.


 Now on top of your base rent you have General expenses to operate in your Atlanta commercial real estate office. So before going into a lease agreement it is imperative to understand all of your cost factors. Having a broker from The Office Advisors before you sign a lease can save you a lot of money in the long run. So do not go at it alone. It’s important to have a licensed broker on your side when going through any type of Atlanta commercial real estate transaction.


Furniture expenses


Lastly meaning of our office clients until the last moments forget about their Furniture cost. Fortunately many times what we see in the Atlanta commercial real estate market is that their second gen space. This meant that there was a previous user in the Atlanta commercial real estate office. Some of their furniture and appliances may have been left behind.


 However this is not always the case so filling your office with proper Furniture is an expense that needs to be taken into account. The Office Advisors have Network partners that we can recommend for this expense. Do not wait until it is moving day. Then to realize that you do not have the budget or the time to fill up your office.


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