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Searching for the perfect location for your business can be a fun adventure. Countless options in the Atlanta commercial real estate market give business owners a wide variety of options. The Office Advisors are your premier Commercial Real Estate brokerage. We are Market experts in everything Metro Atlanta related.


 Now even if you do not choose to work with The Office Advisors we advise that you hire a license broker. Having representation on your side allows you to find more options.Furthermore it can protect you from unsavory events. There are many different Atlanta commercial real estate companies to choose from. We hope that you at least give us a try. You can visit our website at The Office calling us is always an option as well. We can be reached at 404-661-2137. 


Where we Begin


 Starting off when you choose to work with The Office Advisors we take your needs Into account.The first thing that your broker will do is have a conversation with you about your goals and vision. This even goes for buying clients. We want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Understanding what your ultimate achievement is it’s where we start. Creating a strategic plan so we understand each other and know how we’re going to attack the situation. You will have a representative on your side in order to efficiently go after whatever type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. Having a broker is a great choice. This is because we offer a lot of options to you.


 However, the strategic plan is short and to the point. There is no benefit in taking a long drawn-out process. We are Atlantis commercial real estate efficiency experts. Understanding your needs and going after that. We want to make sure that you were taken care of at every step. The Office Advisors will never talk you into a situation we’re spending more than you want to. We are here to give information. This information is for you to make the best decision. We want to guide you with our expert knowledge at every turn possible.


Think about your office like a machine 


Furthermore being Atlanta commercial real estate efficiency experts we’ll help you. Working with a wide variety of different businesses. Has also given us insight into the good and the bad of space use. Making your office or entire commercial building efficient should be a goal. This is going to save you money and create more at the same time.


Now Brokers here at The Office Advisors are Atlanta’s commercial real estate office efficiency Kings. This is because we spend much time in different types of office settings.  Going to different customers and clients places of business. subsequently has made us notice a pattern. A lot of businesses do not flow efficiently. There’s typically some type of incongruity or double touchpoint. We can come to your office today free of charge to bounce some ideas around. The best part is we just talk shop. We understand your business needs and how you interact with it. There are many different options in the Atlanta commercial real estate market and we want to be able to help you find the right one.


More cost than just what’s on the surface 


Justifiably it is easy to overlook cost as a business owner. Or as a purchaser of any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. Going through leases and closing documents are essential. Many times we have seen or heard people with surprise costs. Unfortunately this is an all too often thing when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Or real estate in general. However this can be prevented.


Understanding all of the details and expenses can save you a lot of money in the long run. Owning or running a Atlanta Commercial Real Estate building has its benefits and challenges. One of those challenges is always the unforeseen cost. This could be an overlooked item such as a bad AC unit on an inspection. Once the new owner of the building took possession he didn’t come to find out that he had to invest more money. Now you might be saying that an AC unit is no big deal. However on an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset it could be tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having The Office Advisors on your side can block you from owning a lot of money.


Traffic benefit or disaster?


Another thing that you must think about when purchasing or leasing your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate spaces traffic. The amount of cars passing through 4 to your location is substantial. Even when it is not a large amount. Understanding how traffic  affects your business is a must.


Furthermore some businesses benefit from a large traffic. These are typically retail or restaurant locations. An office location might not benefit from a high traffic in front of or even getting to. This is because some of these businesses employees are the ones to meet. If they are not able to get to their place of business or work efficiently. Creating many different stresses on the company and environment. Understanding the traffic patterns in Atlanta and how it affects you is what we can help with. The Office Advisors will help you understand how traffic affects your business here on any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset.




Moreover parking can follow the same guidelines and what we just talked about. Parking can be a benefit or disaster for you. Understanding what your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets need can you fax it. The Office Advisors can help you find the right location that is best suited for you and your parking needs. Some things to think about is how people are now commuting. There are many different options to get around town. Especially here in Atlanta.


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Now to begin your journey or your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space is it our website.  Is a great place to start. You can fill out the form on the home page. Another option is going to the contact us page. Remember it is always a free no obligation to work with. We can answer any of your questions. Just call 404-661-2137.


Other Media


You can check out our YouTube channel here. A business Mastermind Series held by our vice president commercial operations. There is a panel of business owners and Industry leaders. Not just Atlanta Commercial real estate related.


 Now if you’re wanting to learn more about tenant representation check out this podcast.


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The Office Advisors is part of the Sellect family of brokerages. No matter what your Atlanta real estate needs are, we can help. Residential and Commercial Services available.