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Office advisors is your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Premier brokerage. There is no other brokerage Like Us in the Atlanta metro area. We are the most energetic and technologically focused commercial real estate brokerage. The Brokers at The Office Advisors are better than anyone else in the state. We are number one in Energy customer service and satisfaction guaranteed.(404) 594-3028


 Now when you think of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate think of he office advisors. What you need to do is get online and visit our website. The Office is where you can find us on the world wide web. Whatever you were Googling around check us out. There’s no other ones with more ratings and we are probably the only 5-star rated commercial real estate brokerage. You need to visit our website and read on the why representation tab.


Why we are the best


Our customers love us at the Atlanta office advisors. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has been a traditionally tight-knit Community. It is hard to get things done unless you know everybody or all the right people. We at The Office Advisors are changing this. We feel better commercial real estate in Atlanta needs to be more customer-facing. When you take the step-by-step approach to make sure our clients needs are met at Emory Point of a transaction.


 Furthermore you can check out what our customers are saying about us. When you think of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate you need to think about The Office Advisors. You may have seen our reviews and realized wow there’s no way they can be all five stars. We have not done anything to tamper with these reviews on Google. These are the feelings of our current and past clients.

Own a business and not the building?


 If you’re a business owner in the Atlanta area and you are leasing space call us. We can help with any of your commercial real estate needs. This is also leasing which is Tender Trap and as well as landlord rap. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is where we Thrive and we want to help you thrive in it as well. Are you an investor looking to buy in the Atlanta market?. Then give us a call we can help with any of your commercial real estate needs.


 We always suggest that you should have representation when going through a real estate transaction. Even if you don’t choose to work with us at The Office Advisors. You as a member of the community, should always have representation in a commercial real estate transaction. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is tricky and we pride ourselves in being able to navigate this. If you’ve never gone through a transaction especially real estate transaction Atlanta you do not want to go it alone. our brokers are there to help guide you and help navigate throughout the entire process.


 Now even if you have had representation to pass we guarantee that you will love working with us better. As we said in the past Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is an old boys game. We are set to change that. We want the best deal to be done for our clients. If our clients are successful then in the long run and in turn we at the office advisor will be successful. We are quite focused and not transaction focused. We will even do things for free. This is not a joke, we are there to work for you and serve you. We know that if we can help you with all your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs you will be there for us. Moreover when everyone in Atlanta is successful we will be successful as well.


Atlanta Investor Representation 


 If you were an investor trying to look in the Atlanta Market contact us today. Is there a website and read about all the services we offer. Atlanta commercial real estate market is always a hot Market. Typically you do have to be well-funded. We can help you create these relationships with lenders as well. We have many relationships throughout the living community that can fit your needs. Hard money, or traditional ways of financing or options for anything. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is one of the best markets to be in.


 Now if you have never invested or looked for office space in the Atlanta commercial real estate market fear not. We can help you navigate through all of these steps. The Office Advisors team is trusted and well-respected in the commercial real estate Community. We have people with 20 years of experience that have been here for a long time. Also we have a lot of locals that work here. This gives you special inside in and market knowledge that you might not get anywhere else.


Know your options


If you were still wondering if you need representation at Atlanta Commercial Real Estate then visit our website. There’s many options on there that you can read to help educate yourself on the process. The Office Advisors take a step-by-step approach when any of our clients come to work with us. We know navigating through commercial real estate can be a tough tricky process. We take the time to lift the burden off you, the client.


 Now if you were needing any type of help or have any type of questions feel free to reach out. You can visit our website and fill out the form on the right hand side of the home page. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is scary you should not be going at it alone.


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 also if you have any questions just go to our website and fill out a form on the contact us page or on the homepage. One of our Brokers will reach out to you to answer any of your needs. This is a risk free no-obligation consultation. We always know that you need help and we are here standing by. The Office Advisors believes you should have representation whenever going through any type of Atlanta commercial real estate transaction.


Reading the reviews for even talking with one of our Brokers you will quickly find out why we are  Five stars. We love working with our clients and bringing energy to every transaction in a phone call. We also do a division of Sellect Realty in Marietta Georgia. A Residential Brokerage with many years of service to the community. We are also bilingual, multilingual or any of your language needs. So do not hesitate to contact one of us today.


If you are a business owner looking for strategies to fight during the Cove in 19 crisis. Join our vice president Reid Moore, weekly on our YouTube channel. He has Business Leaders from around the Atlanta area play Mastermind videos talking about strategies on how to overcome and come out stronger from this crisis.(404) 594-3028