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If you have worked with a previous Atlanta commercial real estate brokerage, I hope you had a great experience. All too often we hear from our clients that they had a poor or no influential experience with their previous brokerage. The Office Advisors will not give you this feeling guaranteed! Our company takes the time to be number one in Atlanta commercial real estate customer service. We want to make sure that each client’s experience is stellar. The company that gives our clients the most attentiveness will win. That is why we stand out amongst all other Atlanta commercial real estate brokerages.


Furthermore, you as a customer or client will be blown away by the customer service we give. Each one of our Advisors is constantly being trained on how to better the experience for you. If our clients are happy then we are happy. The commercial real estate industry as a whole, and not just Atlanta, needs some shaking up. That is where The Office Advisors come in.


Why We Were Founded

Now, in the past Atlanta commercial real estate has been done by the “good ole boy” system. We have seen the benefits and the downfall of this model. The current pace of life is begging our industry to adapt. However, traditional firms and brokers are fighting this notion. Subsequently, they feel that their job will be obsolete if they embrace the use of technology. Technology only brings speed and transparency. We have created a company that will bring the Atlanta commercial real estate industry up to the current expectations of consumers. 


However, maybe the transparency aspect is what most fear. Traditionally Atlanta commercial real estate brokers are not the most transparent. This is true no matter who is involved in the transaction. Unfortunately, this helps no one. The short-sightedness has caused a major distrust from the public. However, The Office Advisors was created to combat this and bring speed and transparency to the commercial real estate industry. 


Strategies that get your property sold

Firstly, we will discuss the benefit of listing your commercial asset with The Office Advisors. There is a plague of laziness when it comes to other listing brokers in Atlanta. Unfortunately, they all seem to follow the same process. The owner of the asset thinks everything is normal because this is how it has been done in the past. However, this is not the case. A dirty little secret about the industry is your listing broker is not doing his job! Our marketing techniques get your Atlanta commercial real estate asset sold quicker and for more. 


Subsequently, their process is even a joke in the industry. It continues to frustrate brokers and clients alike. So why might you ask are they continuing to do this. Especially if it frustrates all sides. The answer is simple and it is one word. Greed. The listing broker will try to be both sides of the transaction in order to gain a higher commission. Now on the surface, there might seem like an issue. In many cases, it is not


However, the issue is that they may have had five offers presented to them within the first few months of being advertised. As an owner wouldn’t you like to have been presented with the offers, instead of waiting a year to sell. The answer is easy. Of course, you would! When you hire the Office Advisors, we will never hold offers or lie to other brokers. We market better and harder than the competition.


Why does SEO work

Now, one of the main things we do differently to market your property is SEO optimization. This may be something you are or are not familiar with. That’s Ok because we are. All this means is that we optimize our website and your listing so people using search engines will find it. Also, the ad that is created will follow them around.


Have you ever been shopping on a website then changed to another website? Only to find an ad for the product you were looking to follow you around the internet? This is what we do, but for Atlanta commercial real estate. We want your asset to be shown to everyone that might be an end-user of it. The Office Advisors is constantly pushing technology forward in order to be on top of the Atlanta commercial real estate industry. 



Check out this article to learn more about SEO. The benefits are there for any company and industry. Trust us!


A team that is working hard

Furthermore, no matter which commercial advisor you work with here, you will be happy. All of our brokers work together to get the job done. We encourage teamwork in order to service our customers and client. We want to make sure that you as a user of Atlanta commercial real estate are happy with us. Striving to create an environment that is friendly and efficient. We push for excellence at every point of the transaction.


Only the top Advisors are Hired

Subsequently, when we are hiring brokers we only want the best. This is why our service is better than our competitors. While they only want a body on a desk. The Office Advisors is looking to be number one in Atlanta commercial real estate.


Contact Us

Now, if you are not completely convinced that you should work with The Office Advisors then check out our website to learn more. We help all sizes of clients. Doesn’t matter if you need 1,000 square feet of office or 1 million square feet of industrial space. We are here to assist you. Being Atlanta commercial real estate, the number one brokerage is what we are about. So contact us today for your free consultation. Remember we never pressure you and this assessment is absolutely free. 404-594-3028


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