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If you’re looking for the best Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage to work with and look no more. When searching around on the world wide web it is easy to find many different options. These options are basically all the same when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages. However you have found the one running light out of all. The Office Advisors are your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experts. We pride ourselves on being different because we understand what it’s like to go to the process. 


 Now you might be saying that don’t all Brokers understand the process? This may be true but however they are not emotionally involved. What we mean by this is that they are just working at another company. Furthermore The Office Advisors love helping small businesses, because we are a small business. So if you were looking for the top company in all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate related then look no further.


 Subsequently we are founded on many different principles. We love the fact that large companies in Atlanta do not take a look at small businesses. The general consensus among the Lawrence Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms is their cap. What they do is they take a look at a company’s needs and if they do not fit within their maximum profit range they do not work with them. We feel this is a major disservice to the small businesses of Atlanta. However, fear not because The Office Advisors are here to help. We can always be reached by our website or our phone number.


Customer Service


 Now generally speaking many of the larger Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms have terrible customer service. Once you are assigned a broker if you are not already familiar with one then that you were just passed along. They might have a team of analysts or assistants that just pop in and out to get questions from you. This seems extremely impersonal to us and it even frustrates us on our side. We cannot tell you how many times a random individual starts popping up in the email chain demanding items.


 Furthermore the officer visors wants to be a customer-focused business. We saw a need in the market and tried to fill it. Understandably the large firms try to be efficient as possible, but however they have now made themselves sluggish. What they do is stick in their old ways and old business model. We are living in New Times and many people are not fitting the model of the traditional Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm. Subsequently we optimize everything we do. So we can be as quick to respond as possible.


Our System


Creating a process is what makes us different. In the past large firms have many different individuals working on one project. This may sound like a good idea to the Layman, however it creates communication error. As well as lead times that are unnecessary. Once you work with The Office Advisors you will realize why our system is greater than the rest. We have our Brokers working and one mind and Harmony so to be efficient.


 Moreover The Office Advisors are your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate systematic experts. Conversely at the larger Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages everyone does their own thing. This gives an inconsistent model and a customer experience. The reason behind the infatuation with McDonald’s in America is that it is familiar. People know exactly what they’re going to get no matter where in the country they are. The beauty of this model is consistency. As humans we do not like surprises. Furthermore The Office Advisors have created a system so our customer experience is the same every time. We want to make sure our brokerages are following a checklist so as to not get lost in the sauce.  Having it yet Atlanta Commercial Real Estate understanding is key. However, working a concurrent system is what drives success.


Education is Key

Now, The Office Advisors brokerages are constantly staying on top of what is happening. We drive education not only in general training. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is fast and there’s a lot going on. Understanding and being educated on subjects such as leases and negotiations are Paramount. These continuing education classes that we require our Brokers to do puts us ahead of the curve. Generally speaking the larger Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms just make them do the bare minimum. At The Office Advisors you will be confident with your broker because they are more confident in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


Quick Adaptation

Understandably the you are delinquents the real estate brokerages have gone to win the dinosaur. Working at one of these in the past our vice president has the unique insight. He sounded The Office Advisors due to the fact that everything moves slow in CRE.  understandably companies get comfortable in the way they’re doing things. Generally speaking it’s because they are making money. However just because you were making money does not guarantee your success in the future. The Office Advisors has created a system in a lien process to ensure adaptability. Our favorite thing to do is be able to move intended quickly and efficiently.


 Rest assured that The Office Advisors is your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency expert. We are set up to be able to adapt on a dime. So if new challenges are thrown our way we are ready. You can be confident in your brokerage that he will be able to relate to any situation and adjust. 

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Now if you are still not completely convinced that at The Office Advisors is the right Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company for you. All you have to do is visit our website. Click on the about us tab and read about why representation is important. You can also click on the about Tab and understand what it is to be working with us. We would love to hear from you so give us a call today or visit our website.404-594-3028


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The Office Advisors is a subsidiary of the Sellect Realty Company. A trusted name in all things  Marietta residential real estate. So no matter what your real estate needs we are here to help. You can call us today.404-594-3028