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No matter what type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate development is happening the office advisors are there. Our Brokers are involved in all types of Atlanta happenings. staying on top of what is going on around our city is crucial. We have to take a large look and not just at the real estate. Zooming out we love to see how people are interacting with our city. The Beltline development has been in the works for years. Creating and many opportunities not only for the community but businesses as well. The office advisors loves the green space that it has created all around the Atlanta cityscape.


Now if you were looking for the best firm in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate, then you have found it. The office advisors are trusted commercial real estate confidants. However we are also a different type of brokerage. Striving to be different in the Way Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. This is some of our founding principles. Technology and using it to our customers Advantage. The office advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts.


 Recently taking part in a webinar where a board was talking about all of the Atlanta BeltLine. They discussed some of their great aspects and how it was created. Trying to bring the community of Atlanta together no matter what your personality is. The Beltline has created a boom of Atlanta commercial real estate and development and opportunities. So if you want to partner with a firm that understands the community and the real estate aspect can you have found the right one. You can visit our website to learn more.


The Big Greenway 

 Starting off it is important to understand what the Beltline actually is. It is a walking path and trails that has created Green Space around Atlanta. Started from a brainchild of a Georgia Tech graduate. The thesis of his college career involved creating a pathway that was connecting old Rail Yards. It has formed into something I’m sure that he could not even ever imagine. Areas that were once thought to be dead for economies have now started to bloom again. Only in certain hot spots, but all around the Beltline. Generally speaking a 3-mile radius of economic activity has been created from hubs of the screen space.


Private Investment

 Furthermore the amount of private investment to the Atlanta commercial real estate market has jumped. Areas such as the West End were not targets for developers. Until the Beltline was created and a smaller development on that side. Lee + White has created such an Economic Opportunity it is mind-blowing. A rundown old  industrial complex has now been revitalized into a destination. Including breweries and Atlanta Distillery. Now the apartment development in new homes is being built. Creating a gentrified market that some or against, but the community was extremely involved in. With jobs and work being created in otherwise dead zones.


Business Opportunities

Many businesses that are not on the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate sign have benefitted as well. Such as the breweries and distilleries. Finding it hard to traditionally draw walking traffic. A brewery and Distillery are set back historically in industrial areas. This has made it difficult to get foot traffic. However with the rise of the Beltline and new developments created opportunities. These businesses now have a larger footprint and brand recognition.Which of course affects how much income they have. As well as creating new job opportunities in these locations.


Benefits to Business locating on the BL for employees

 With new office developments and businesses moving in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate multifamily husband. They have also found a way of making everything walkable Revival. Some businesses have moved their offices to be Beltline areas in order to create a shorter commute for their employees. Now their employees instead of spending countless hours and traffic have the option. At the auction to walk, bike or drive to work. With pedestrian-only pathways using the concerns of motorists.


Beautification of old areas

It is incredible to see how many green spaces have been created. Parking lots and old industrial run-down warehouses have now been transformed. Creating water features as well as outdoor concert Halls. The Beltline has really transformed many areas of the city. Does create many areas for all types of people to enjoy. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has seen a boom and owes a lot to this part of our city.


Affordable housing


There are great efforts going on to create affordable lodging for many. This is a Hot Topic. Feeling pushed out. the poorer in the community are not excited. A continual rise in multi-family rent coupled with a smaller increase in incomes. Creating a higher cost-of-living. However there are many individuals working to counteract this.

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