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If you’re looking to work with the best and the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage then you found the right company. The Office Advisors are your Premier Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm. We or a client focusing model unlike the others. The Office Advisors was founded to do commercial real estate differently. Only hiring the best brokers. We wanted to create a great team around our company. This helps ensure our clients get the best experience. You can visit our website to learn more.


 how many startup companies do not even understand that our services exist. They are leaving money on the table. A landlord exists to make money off a tenant. They have a landlord broker on their side looking out for their interest. It is so it just makes good business sense for a tenant what company has a representative as well. Contact The Office Advisors today to begin your journey on finding the right space.  The Office Advisors is Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. We focus on what gets the job done in the most efficient manner possible. We do not want to waste your time going through countless properties.  The Brokers here do the grunt work out front. Taking the time to understand not only your business needs but your future goals as well.


Furthermore the amount of time that a broker spends with you is in order to assess everything. When dealing with Atlanta Commercial Real Estate it is important to understand both sides of the transaction. The landlord is going to put money into a deal many times. With not only offering up their space for rent, but Improvement allowance as well. Many first time space lessors do not understand this concept. A Landlord will rebate some of your cost in order to better improve the space to your needs. First-time clients do not understand why a landlord would do this. Simply put, they are improving their building as well. So when the next buyer or tenant comes along is in better condition. The condition and improvements of the space can justify a higher asking rental rate. 


Focused on Tenant Rep.

However if you were looking for the number one firm and tenant representation The Office Advisors should be your choice. The Brokers here specialize in tenant representation. Which means that we help businesses and business owners find and lease space. This can be for any type of Industry. Generally speaking most people go right to office space in your head. Such as a high-rise or small office park. Now this is not always the case. 


There are many different types of industries that lease space to operate. Now think of Amazon. A industry giant that does not operate physical retail locations. Being one of America’s largest retailers with no brick-and-mortar store fronts. They operate out of large distribution centers. These are industrial type asset classes. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is currently number two in the country for industrial buildings. There are many under construction currently. Being the South Main Hub City has created opportunities for many Industries.

However all of these industries require specific knowledge. The broker’s at The Office Advisors are experts in industrial, office and retail as well.  so before you start hunting for your first or next location make sure you contact us. The Office Advisors are your premier Atlanta commercial real estate brokers. We will always watch out for the back of our tenants. Working with us is free. The Brokerage never charges a fee for our tenant representation services from our clients. The landlord pays our commission check.


Are Leases being signed?

Starting off with a pandemic in the beginning the year was not the greatest for the economy. However even during times of uncertainty we were still seeing leasing activity. Across-the-board Atlanta Commercial Real Estate things slow down. However the office advisors never stopped working. Our teams were still out getting deals inked.  Even though many people are extremely uncertain about retail at the moment. We had many retail clients. Even in an international bubble tea franchise they signed their first lease in the US. Their first location in  the US was done in a traditional brick-and-mortar retail strip center. This seems counterintuitive to the current mindset of many. Globe St reported on how coronavirus helped the Atlanta industrial sector. 


The beginning of the pandemic

Firstly many people when the lockdown happened were frightened. Understandably, we have never seen something such as this. Very large deals that were underway still saw their closings. Microsoft moving into Atlanta was one of the major things that kept our numbers high. With a massive amount of office space being released in Midtown. The Atlanta commercial real estate market still seems strong. The high labor pool of educated workers is a major draw. As well as the low cost of doing business in the state of Georgia. Some companies put their plans on hold at the beginning, but now it seems that things are starting to come out.


Current State of deals

Moreover the office advisors are still chugging along. Regardless of what is happening in the world we always strive to take the needs of our clients first. Physical locations must still exist in order to operate business. An entire economy cannot grind to a halt. Over the past few weeks we have seen more inbound tenant inquiries. Most of these inquiries are from new businesses. With the downtime many people had, it gave them time to start working on their business. People always wanted to own their own company and now have started the process. If you are still prepared to launch a business we tried to help. With free business plan templates as well as look books on our website.  no matter what size of your company we are here to help. The Office Advisors can handle any size deal.

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Now if you’re not completely convinced that you need to work with us on your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate transactions and visit our website. Read about why tenant representation is important. Not only does it offer you the freedom to work on your business, but the industry knowledge as well. We love helping small businesses because we are a small business.Visit our  website to get in touch with us or you can call us here.404-594-3028

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