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Doing Brokerage Differently 

The Office Advisors are changing how an Atlanta commercial real estate transaction is done. Coming from The Brokerage side we do things differently. your experience will be different than any other brokerage transaction you have had. The team is founded on better principles. The company has set out to create a more client Focus system. As well as a system that are Brokers can plug into and be successful. So if you are looking for the right Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm, then look no further. The Office Advisors are your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. Visit our website to learn more about us.


Now one of the aspects of how we are completely changing how Atlanta commercial real estate is done is our team.  Large firms like CBRE and JLL might also have teams. However those teams are all sharing one commission. This creates infighting and greediness. This is not the case when you work with The Office Advisors. However the benefits of a team atmosphere will be a parent. We rely on each other to get things done.


Why We Built a Team

 Furthermore one of the reasons that we created a group setting is efficiency. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate exhibition see experts. Vitaly important to getting a transaction done with the least amount of confusion. wanting to share information to benefit our clients. The Office Advisors build an atmosphere and system for Brokers to do such. We wanted to give a better client experience to the end user. Traditionally in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate marketing firms have drugged out the process. A traditional broker is never in a hurry. However in this fast-paced world we live in things are changing. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is slow to move unless you work with The Office Advisors.


How Our Brokers Share

 Now if you have never worked in a Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm before then you might not understand this. Brokers are greedy! What happens when they get a listing on a major property is they will hold on to it. What this means is they will not actively Market it or accept offers from other Brokers. Insane right? So we set out to change this. However we cannot control other Brokers listings. This is a sad fact that many Brokers will be hiding their listing from the market if a other firm comes knocking. So when you list with us you can rest assured that we will get your property ready to be advertised on the market. We are eager to share commissions, because this means you sell your property quicker.  The Office Advisors’ Brokers are trained on efficiency. Never holding commissions back or creating lag time for your property.


  Secondly, if you are a tenant we also work with our landlord Brokers so every week we hold a Synergy meeting this meeting tries to combine the Lookers and the sellers. So if you are a tenant to trying to lease space we are working with our landlord Brokers as well. Constantly talking to get tenants in buildings, and landlords happy. So not only will we advertise for you we are actively searching through our internal sources.


This Benefits you

More over the fact that our Brokers are constantly talking to each other and sharing property information is how we differentiate ourselves. Creating a massive benefit for you, the user or owner of the space. Creating less lag time we’ll get your business up and running. Also it will help the landlord create more cash flow. Landlords love when buildings are full of tenants. Brokers here at The Office of Advisors are experts in negotiation, documentation and efficiency.


Weekly Training

 Now you might be saying how is all of this possible. Brokers at The Office Advisors are constantly being trained. We trained on not only sales techniques, but Atlanta Commercial Real Estate happenings as well. Encouraged to take not only the required CE classes, but searching for outside training as well. The Brokers have The Office Advisors are your best choice when it comes to helping you and your commercial real estate space.


The Office Advisors hiring process

Unlike traditional commercial real estate firms The Office Advisors hire different. I know this my night comes as a surprise to you seeing how everything we do is non-traditional. Holding weekly interviews we go through candidates to make sure we always have a top person in the wings. Making sure our Brokers are producers and knowing that they can be replaced easily. Also ensuring for the fact that we will always have the best people on our side. Our Brokers go through multiple rounds of interviews as well as a production monitoring. This is a trial. So we know that they are top before we bring them on.

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Now if you’re not completely convinced that you should work with us, then visit our website. Read through a few tabs to see how we can assist. Also check out our Google business page and read reviews from clients just like you. Not only are we available via chat on her website or the contact us form. The Office Advisors can be reached via our phone number as well. 404-594-3028


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