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Here at the office advisors you and rest assured that we are equipped to assist you and your team and anything Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. There is no other brokerage quite like the office advisors. We are different for a reason. However Mini’s Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms claim that’s. Therefore you will have to work with us, or just give us a call to understand why we are changing the way delivery commercial real estate is done. Group of Brokers are here to assist all of your needs.

Furthermore with the current economic climate we are seeing many companies opting to sublet their current space. Smaller businesses might not know that this option is available for them. So why don’t you contact the office advisors team to help assist you in your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate sublease space. 404-594-3028

Trying to go at a sub let alone can be extremely time-consuming. Subsequently lease and advertising can be too confusing. Now we are not saying that you were unable to do it. We just believe that it is better for you and your business to focus on other things. Let the office advisors take this cumbersome task off your hands.Freeing up you to do what you do best, run your business. So it just makes good business sense to contact The Office Advisors for any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. visit 


Previous to the Pandemic

Now generally speaking when we’re talking about subleases this is referring to office space.  In the Years prior to 2020 the Atlanta commercial real estate market saw a steady increase in rental rates. Starting at quarter one during  2017 we saw a general uptick in not only asking rents but effective rents.


Truly speaking Atlanta has been a great bang for buck for office space. This is compared to the other large markets around the country. Making the Atlanta area rate hotspot for large businesses. Not only are our taxes low, but the cost of holding onto large real estate is much lower as well.However during the current crisis we have still seen large corporations like Microsoft and others coming to the city. They are signing large corporate leases on massive square footage. Unmistakably so at some other larger companies are looking at getting out of there long-term leases, or subleasing some of their space.


A Jump in Square Footage 

Another major company that will boost the amount of office space lease, and not subleased is State Farm. They are currently in the stages of moving. they have acquired a large campus in the central perimeter District. This insurance monolith is actually going to put a lot of sublease space on the market. And some of these subleases will be in the North Fulton / Forsyth County smaller markets. However they are going to make this bauble with over a hundred thirty-three thousand square feet vacant space. Then they’re going to have to try to sublease out to another company. Now it would likely be multiple companies at this stage of the economic uncertainties.


Different minor markets

Now if you take a look at it, there are some markets around the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area they  Vary in the amount of sublet space available. Central perimeter of being the largest sub market with the highest amount per percentage advertised. With over 1 million sublease space available according to CoStar. Puts it almost double the next Market.

 Secondly is the North Fulton and Forsyth County Office Market. Which has been a great option for companies not wanting to base their operations in the centralized Atlanta District. However submarkets are seeing their fair share with over 600,000 square feet available.


Unmistakably with the upper  Buckhead submarket being right behind in North Fulton one. That calms Cumberland Galleria just under six hundred thousand square feet  Available for sublet. However a date becomes a massive drop off percentage-wise taking a look at the other smaller markets.Generally speaking this could be due to the fact that a lot of businesses are still riding the wave of uncertainty. Hoping that they can bring their staff back to work sooner rather than later. Understandably so with the amount of uncertainty in the current climate many companies are not making real estate moves.


We are equipped for all


 Now at the office advisors the Atlanta commercial real estate market is what we are experts in. We are ready and able to handle any of your needs. That includes large purchases or small leases. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts and can help sublease your space if needed. Just because you might not have the cash on hand to pay for your rent, doesn’t mean you don’t have to. Remember there’s always options and we can help negotiate to do terms of your lease. Furthermore having a good attorney on your side can help us in the process. We do have attorneys that we recommend to work with because they are experts at lease negotiations as well.


Mistakenly so many people are trying to  accomplish all things at Atlanta Commercial Real Estate their businesses on their own. Having an industry professional in recorder cannot only save you time, but can save you money as well. So it just makes good businesses to contact the office advisors for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. You’re looking to sublease your space or move to a new location contact us first.  

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 now if you are not completely convinced that you need to contact the office of visors for all of your sublease in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. Then you just need to visit our website. However we cannot answer all your questions on the website load. To fill out one of the forms and our broker will get in touch with you. The Office Advisors is your Atlanta commercial real estate efficiency expert. Always a no-obligation free consultation when you talk to us. There’s no time to wait, just call us today.404-594-3028


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