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If you are just beginning to search for your Atlanta commercial real estate location, then contact The Office Advisors. Even if you have been in the process for a long time you will understand the need for representation. Trying to get in touch with the owner or landlord can be difficult. Especially if you are on your own. However The Office Advisors are different from normal brokers.  visit our website today to learn more about The Office Advisors. We are changing how Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. Also check out our Google reviews to see why we have the highest rating. Our company cares more. 


 Now when you work with an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage there’s a few things you need to know. First off you need to know if they are aligned with your needs. Making sure that your broker takes the time to go through and assess exactly what you were looking for. The Office Advisors will assess your needs to assist you. No matter what you were looking for we can help. There are many different types of zoning and land-use. The Office Advisors are experts and making sure that you find the right location. Sometimes that location does not exist. What that means to us is that we just have to work harder. Pulling special use permits can allow a business to thrive in a location that was not intended for its use.


 Never giving up from the start is what you will find when working with us. Can’t take no for an attitude, it’s what we look for in our Brokers. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is fraught with competition. However when you work with us you will understand that we are opposed to having old-school things done. Striving to change how Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done The Office Advisors should be your number one choice. 


Different on Purpose 

Furthermore The Office Advisors was founded to do things opposite of other brokerages. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is like a slow-moving Behemoth. Many attended to a sloth. Traditionally speaking commercial real estate in the Atlanta area is done through who you know in a handshake. Even though backdoor deals are constantly being done. We saw this as a problem. So when you work with The Office Advisors you can rest assured that we are the most transparent Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company. From the start we share our commissions with other Brokers and will Market your property.


 However dealing with the other Atlanta commercial real estate brokers can be a challenge. Laziness is what we see as a major factor. When someone is established in this industry they tend to become lazy. So we like dealing with the younger, more energetic Brokers that are hungry. Rest assured that The Office Advisors will work harder for you than anyone else. Finding a piece of property that works for your company, but maybe not zoned correctly. The Office Advisors will work with the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate officials to make sure that we can get a special-use permit.


Finding the CRE for you

Now when you work with a broker from The Office Advisors we go to that for you. Searching through thousands of potential properties. Brokers will identify potential properties for you. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many options to choose from. Sometimes dealing with HD City municipalities can be difficult. We will do our best to work for you. Not all deals are done through traditional marketing. We call these off-market deals. Constantly searching in the area and being on top of what’s Happening Atlanta Commercial Real Estate us what we do best. So even if a deal is not advertised we can try to find it for you. 


The way we canvas

Moreover, brokers work harder than anyone else. When you work with the offset buys you can rest assured that they are industry professionals. As well as have in-depth market knowledge. Scouring over the different submarkets our brokers talk to individuals daily. Shaking hands with business owners and landlords alike. We make our Brokers Drive areas and talk to at least five people a day. As well as scouring for off-market properties and getting in touch with the owner. The owners of these properties are sometimes more willing to work with us than others.


Marketing better than the rest

Now the owners of off-market properties enjoy working with us. The marketing that we do at The Office Advisors is Leaps and Bounds Above the Rest. Our competitors are very old school. They may not even take a photo of the building and haphazardly throw it up online. Using what the stock photos of the software is. We see this as a major disturbance to owners of Atlanta commercial real estate properties.


 The Office Advisors take our marketing very seriously. Professional photography is required for all of our listings. So this does not matter if you were $100,000 building or a hundred million dollar building. You will get the same type of treatment. The Office Advisors are number one rated on Google for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. It is because we take the time to focus on our clients. Not on the commission. Unlike traditional Brokers we do not horde the commission. Actively searching for the right user of the space.

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Being completely convinced is tough. Then visit our website today. We have other articles and resources. If you are a first-time business owner we have a free business plan template for your down. Try checking us out so you can get started on your entrepreneurial Journey today. Whenever you’re ready to lease your first space contact us. We will be here or you’re a journey into Atlanta Commercial Real Estate use. No matter what type of Industry you were in we can assist with your real estate needs. While on our website click around to learn a little bit more about how we can assist you.404-594-3028


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