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America’s built on small businesses this is no secret. The Office Advisors love helping small business owners, because we are small business owners. A major problem with the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage system is they do not help the little guy. But when you work with The Office Advisors you can be sure that no matter how small of an office or space you need we can help.


 Now the best part is we are easy to find. You can  go to the World Wide Web and search a stoner Google business page listing. From there you can read the reviews on why our clients just like you love us. Reviews speak for themselves and we would love to work with you. However you can also check out our website. To learn more about our services offered. We are Atlanta’s commercial real estate efficiency experts. We free you up so you can focus on what you do best, run your business.


 Furthermore the Atlanta commercial real estate market has many options on brokerages. Even if you do not choose to work with us we always suggest having a representative. Remember that not all brokerages are the same. However they do perform the general tasks required. when interviewing other brokerages make sure you understand their payment. However at The Office Advisors we are up front. Our prices do not change. 


When you request the services of The Office Advisors broker, and you’re looking for space. There is no fee that you have to pay us. The landlord has the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate commissions already built it. So there are many ways that we get paid. Small space options are abundant in Atlanta. There are a large amount of small office space options .


Location has an effect on your options


Understandably where you choose to be will have an effect on the amount of available office spaces. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has a carrying cost and amenities of course. So depending upon what you were looking for also depends on the area. There are many different submarkets here. So choosing which option  and price works best for you can take some analysis.


 no you are in luck because The Office Advisors are your number one source. We are experts and analyzing small office space. And in the large office space. This is because we are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. So when you retain the services of us you will get analysis reports at your request. This can help you decide between large office complex buildings for your non-traditional options.


 In the Atlanta commercial real estate market we have seen a rise in non-traditional office space. This is because we have a vast array of this here. Atlanta is an entrepreneurial City and there are many small businesses and Tech individuals. This creates a need for a non-traditional Office Space.


Co-Working Spaces


I’m sure you heard from space. The Atlanta commercial real estate market and sell markets have many of these options. We have some of the large ones and some of the not so familiar ones. Close on West Midtown that there is a single owned shared office and co-working space. The other had the idea a few years ago and just bought it on the way home. And has transformed a really cool industrial building into a beautiful workspace. There are many different types of Businesses within this location.


 A great thing about co-working space is that you have many other businesses and close proximity. You have the chance to not work as well as possibly get deals done. When people work in a small office in co-working spaces they generally start up. These startups are hungry and looking to make deals. This puts you at an advantage to people who are actively searching for products or services.The great thing about these is they are generally super easy to work with and sign up to. Making sure that you have a broken side can help. 


Having a representative Gives you Power


 Now, you might be saying to yourself “why would I need representation if I can sign up?”. Negotiations can still happen on even the smallest of office spaces. You may feel like you do none that have power. However a broker on your side gives you power. This is because we have industry knowledge and tactics that can help put some power into our hands.


SoIt just makes good business sense to have a broker on your side. Everyone wants an advantage especially when working with the landlord. The Office Advisors can help you no matter what size you need for your Atlanta commercial real estate office space. The tactics we use will save you money is almost guaranteed. We are also free to you as a tenant. Remember that the landlord has representation. The landlord has a broker looking out for his interest and money. Advantage will put you in a better position with an industry-leading broker.Would you not have someone on your side looking out for your interest as well.


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 Now you can check us out on our website. The easiest way to get in touch with us is to visit our homepage and think of one of the contact us forms. You can also always call at 404-594-3028. one of our Brokers will get in contact with you as fast as possible. 


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