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 If you’re looking for the number one Atlanta commercial real estate brokerage then you who have found the right one. The Office Advisors are your Premier Atlanta commercial real estate brokerage.  We help small businesses like you because we are a small business too. Our number one priority is helping our clients realize their goals 404-594-3028


Now if you are looking for any type of Atlanta commercial real estate then the office adviser should be your 1st choice. We can help you locate, negotiate and close the transaction for any type of commercial real estate.Our brokers are all licensed in the state of Georgia as well as experts in their own area of practice. The Office Advisors only hired the best because you as a client deserve the best. We are constantly striving to make sure that you are taken care of. Furthermore we understand that the greatest sin in Atlanta commercial real estate is that the larger firms don’t take time for the small business.


We help Satisfy Our Clients 


Moreover if you have never worked with a brokerage before then you will be pleasantly surprised at your experience with working with The Office Advisors.  From the onset you will quickly realize that we are all about  satisfying the client.  However we cannot help you unless you contact us.


First you need to visit our website at  Once you visit our website you can fill out one of the to contact forms in order for one of our brokers to reach out to you. We make this very simple and easy even if you do not know why you are visiting our website. Also just to let you know this is always a free service. Our consultation is of course a no obligation free assessment of your needs in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


 Secondly we have to understand your needs. Our brokers take the time to sit down and understand whatever your goals and how are you trying to accomplish them.Constantly trying to be in line with your goals and vision are brokers will help set a strategy plan together for you.The questions we ask are to better understand what it is you are trying to accomplish in Atlanta commercial real estate. However unattainable some of those goals may seem to others we are not afraid of a challenge.  


Finding the Right Brokerage


Now when choosing the right Atlanta commercial real estate brokerage for you, you must do your homework.  A commercial real estate transaction can sometimes be one the most expensive transactions you’ll ever be involved in. This is why it is Paramount to have a broker that understands your goals. Likewise we always believe that you should have representation. This even goes to the point that if you do not work with us you work with someone. Having industry professionals in your corner when going through Atlanta commercial real estate transactions is a necessity for your success.


Save Your Cash

Now, Saving your cash is what our brokers do best. We treat every transaction as if it were our own. First our brokers view the money being spent on a lease as if it is scarce. You will understand that we do not view you as a transaction. Our clients are family to us. We use every opportunity and interaction with the landlord to save you more cash.

Moreover, having a representative on your side Can save you time in money. The representative that is in your corner is they are to protect your interests. As a small business we understand that every cent and penny count. You understand this more than anyone. Likewise that is the reason having a representative in your corner is a good thing. When you are leasing a space for your business the landlord is trying to make money off you. Your broker will try to protect all of your interests especially your money when it comes to leasing and Atlanta commercial real estate space.


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The best part about working with the office Office advisers and any Atlanta commercial real estate vertical is that we are easy to get in touch with. Our website  Is a very easy to use and easy to navigate site. On the contact us tab on the homepage you can fill out one of the forms and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. To begin your Atlantis commercial real estate journey reach out to us today.


Small business Mastermind YouTube


We are constantly thinking of ways to give more information to our small businesses in the community. Our vice president of commercial operations, Reid Moore, holds a weekly mastermind meeting.  This mastermind is recorded with a panel of business owners and industry experts. Likewise they are constantly battling the same challenges you are. In the YouTube videos they discuss different strategies in pivot points on how to navigate our crisis.


Sellect Realty Residential Real Estate


You may not be aware of but the office advisers as a family of brokerages. Our parent brokerage is Sellect Realty, a trusted name in residential real estate in the Marietta metro area for years. No matter what your Atlanta commercial or residential real estate needs are, we are here to help. 404-594-3028