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Questioning before I Sign A Lease 


If you’re a business owner I’m sure you have asked yourself the question, should I lease my Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space? The Office Advisors can help you with this decision. Today I will go over a few things to think about when you’re trying to decide whether you should lease or buy a property for your business. No matter what choice you choose make sure it is an informed one. With experience in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate build The Office Advisors are here to help with whatever decision you make. Visit our website at or call us at 404-594-3028


Now whenever you begin your search for leasing office space in Atlanta make sure you contact a broker first. We at The Office Advisors always suggest that you have a licensed broker on your side. This goes even for if you do not choose to hire us. Going to release a transaction the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has a lot of variables. Make sure that you have someone on your side that is looking out for your interest. Furthermore the landlord has representation that will be looking out for his best interest, so just makes best business sense that you do as well.


However when you are just looking for a brokerage to represent you is best to understand what they are charging. You can always have a free consultation with us and there’s no obligation to hire us. Moreover  not every brokerage charges the same rate. Every Broker is different so make sure you do your homework first. In the long run understanding what you’re paying will save you money. The Office Advisors always charge tenants 0.


Think About This Before You Sign


 Now what are the things that you might consider when trying to lease commercial office space in Atlanta is your future plans. I know many new business owners want to get into space and open up for shops and that’s all they can think about. However you must think about the future. Your goal is to ultimately grow your business correctly? Well when negotiating a lease you have the flexibility to grow. This is because you will have the option to negotiate terms such as first right of refusal on his face as well as expansion rights.


 Starting with the end in mind it will help you accomplish the tacit you need to win a signing lease. Leasing in the building of a retail Center instead of owning it can afford you certain growth rights. This is because owning a building you are only limited to the square footage that you own. If you lease you might be able to expand next door or across the way. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different leasing options. You should make sure that you have a broker who understands the negotiations and aspects of leasing space.


Advantages to Renting

 Also a great benefit to leasing versus buying your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space is The Upfront cost. Now there’s a lot of coughs when starting a business with buying the proper equipment and getting the business off the ground. Owning a building you will typically have a large down payment anywhere from 10 to 80%. When leasing a space you might just have an initial security deposit or rent up front. This is an example of course because everything is negotiable when it comes to leasing a space. Make sure you have The Office Advisors on your side when negotiating your next commercial office space lease.


 Furthermore on cost savings when leasing a Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space. There is typically TI allowance from a landlord. This type of allowance is a reimbursement from the landlord in order for you to build out the space in order for your business. If you only build conversely you would be on the hook for all of the build-out cost. When leasing a landlord wants to make sure that your business is as successful as possible. This is because he does not want to constantly be searching for renters. When your business is successful the landlord has guaranteed income. This is why they put money up front because it is an investment in their business and their asset.


Owning is Expensive Upkeep 


Now if you have ever owned a home you know the pain of home ownership. This is magnified typically when it comes to Atlanta Commercial  real estate. The absorbent amount of money it cost to run a large commercial building can be a detriment to your income. Commonly people always talk about the price of replacing air conditioning units. These are tens of thousands of dollars and larger buildings can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a new business owner typically people do not want the stresses of maintaining and managing the maintenance. Leasing on the other hand is a great alternative. Even though you may be paying for the cost of heating and air, you are typically not on the hook for the replacement of the system. The Office Advisors wants to save you money at every Point possible when it comes to leasing space. Make sure you have a conversation with us before signing any documents.


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We try to make it as easy as possible to reach one of the Brokers at The Office Advisors. You can always visit our website Or call 404-594-3028.  The Office Advisors only hire license realtors in the state of Georgia. We want the best of the best because service is our number one goal to our clients. We want to make sure that we are constantly growing our Network and business services. Understanding what you need is going to help us in the long run as well.




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 The Office Advisors come from a family of brokerage. Our family includes Sellect Realty, a Mainstay in the Marietta residential real estate world. So no matter if you were needing Atlanta Commercial Real Estate or residential real estate we are here to help. Call today at 404-661-2137.