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We are in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage looking to help you.  The Office Advisors exist to serve our clients in whatever commercial real estate service they need. We can help in almost all areas and aspects of the Atlanta commercial real estate market. Our experience Brokers can help you find the right property for your needs.(404) 594-3028


 Now you may be aware that there are many different aspects to Commercial Real Estate. You may be aware of tenant representation, landlord representation, development, Industrial Leasing just to name a few. Also there are many different aspects just to The Brokerage services. We will be able to discuss a few and a small aspects of what makes them different especially when dealing in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


Finding your business a new place


 Firstly We will start with tenant representation. You may be asking what is a tenant rep? Well we can tell you that it is a broker that is assisting a business typically, when finding a negotiating for a space to operate out of.Commercial real estate market offers a lot of different options for this. A tenant rep broker can specialize in many different areas of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Some of those areas are office, retail, and Industrial.


The Atlanta Office Market


 Starting with office space in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area.  The Office Advisors offer the best tenant rep services in Atlanta. You can become abundantly aware of this once you start talking to one of our Brokers. This is because we take our job very seriously and we love what we do. Our favorite thing is to help business owners find and negotiate their next operating space. We love helping anyone from a large single office user to a multi floor tenant.


Retail Clients


Secondly a tenant can specialize in retail. This is space that is typically reserved for restaurants or places that sell Goods to customers. Think of walking customers like hair salons, clothing stores or bars.Retail can be in a single building or even at the bottom of an office Building. Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different options for retail. We have large strip centers. We also have a lot of new repurposed areas that were once industrial. This offers a wide array of options for our retail clients. Food halls have become a very popular first food service industry. And surrounded by these are typically smaller shots. The retail aspect of some Office Buildings is also a major component to a few of the submarkets in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space.


Industrial Space

 Thirdly is the industrial side. This is typically reserved for manufacturing, or other type of industrial buildings. We see people from Logistics use these as well as small operations like a carpet cleaning company. This is typically for non walk-in type businesses. This is reserved for trucks and vans. They need parking and typically some type of garage or bay doors. We love helping clients like you. Even if you are a small operation we can help you find industrial space as right for you. Also we help  anyone small or large. Currently helping someone like you. So why don’t you contact us today.


Helping your Business


 Now you may be wondering do we offer landlord representation Services. We do but we typically focus on antenna representation. This is because we love helping businesses find the right location. You are going to ignore and we feel like we are Kindred Spirits. We can take off the burden of searching locating office space from your table. We allow you to focus on what you do best and that is focused on your business. You will love working with our Brokers as we love working with you.


 Lastly a tenant rep there is not only there to save you time and money for there to be a Guiding Light. We can help you with the entire process from A to Z. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is fraught with land mines and we can help you navigate and find the right space for you. You may try to begin your search and that inevitably comes across You may be able to find some information here but without paying you will not find all the information. Also when working with one of my Breakers will be able to access more information and use our Network to help you find the best space for you in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


 Finally we like to leave you with this. We don’t always work with you but we do suggest that you work with that look. This is because having someone in the industry that understands the process of the Atlanta commercial real estate market is beneficial to you. We want you to be set up for Success even if you do not work with us. Having someone like an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Broker in your corner can save you time and money. They want to make sure that you were set up for Success so we can even refer you to another company.


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 Contact us


 Now you may have known that it is very easy to contact us at The Office Advisors. You just need to visit our home page. Our website is set up so you can contact us easily and quickly. There’s a form on the right hand side of the page or on the contact us to have. One of our Brokers will contact you as quickly as possible. Of course there is never an obligation to work with us and these calls and contacts are free information for you. So what are you waiting for?



 vice president of commercial operations here in the Atlanta commercial real estate markets holds a weekly Mastermind meeting. You can find out more by visiting our YouTube channel and watching the videos. They are all recorded with a panel Business Leaders in the Atlanta area. They discussed business topics on how to survive and adapt during the current Corona virus outbreak.


 Residential real estate


 Now you may not be aware that we also have a sister brokerage. Sellect Realty can help with any of your residential real estate needs. We are not only number one in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area, but we are also partnered with the number one residential real estate in Marietta Georgia.(404) 594-3028