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Finding the right Company to Help You


The market for some Atlanta Commercial Real Estate then you found the right place. Even if you were trying to sell your existing property. The Office Advisors can help with whatever your needs are. We are Atlanta’s commercial real estate efficiency experts. This even comes to helping our leasing clients.


 Now no matter what your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs are, The Office Advisors are the right choice. Looking around the metro area you will find many different real estate companies. These brokerages almost all the time perform the same acts. You will work with a broker when you’re trying to lease space or sell space. However you never know what type of quality of service you’re going to get. This is because each Broker is a contract employee and they do their own thing. However at The Office Advisors you will get a personal service.


 Furthermore each one of our Brokers follows a system and process. That way you know what to expect each time and that the service is impeccable even if you don’t believe us you can check out our Google business page. They are our reviews from customers and clients just like you. The Office Advisors is your number one in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.  Call us today (404) 594-3028. 


Different sides Of the Sale Transaction


Now on the purchasing Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset involves two separate parties. There is a buyer and a seller. Here at The Office Advisors will represent you no matter which side of the deal you’re on. We are experts in negotiating contracts. Constantly making sure that we have your interest in line and protecting your money. We will never give away any of your money. The broker’s here will always treat it like their own.


How we help Sellers


 Furthermore if you are trying to sell one of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets then we can help. Our marketing department is better than all the rest. If you don’t believe us just buckle up. Many brokers in the Atlanta commercial real estate market just take photos with their phone. They barely even take the time to look at the photos. I cannot tell you how many times we have seen awful listings. Where you can’t even tell about the photo because it is blurry. They also don’t take inside photos of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset.


 However when working with us at The Office Advisors you will have the most outstanding photography. We take professional photography to make sure that your property stands out amongst all the other Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets. We will all then optimize and blast your listing on all the websites. This is because we want to get it in front of us with as many eyes as possible. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is competitive and makes sure your property stands out.


Furthermore the broker that will be working with you will make sure that they go through the property thoroughly. We will always have a checklist of items to make sure that we get information on. This is because we want to have the most complete and well-rounded advertising possible. When we have the most information possible then we can sell your Atlanta commercial real estate property the best. Having something for sale is a task that means you do not want to do it on your own. Handing it off to a professional broker like The Office Advisors is your best chance for success.


No matter what type of negotiating home you can have on your property being here to lend a hand. You want to give you the most information possible that you can make the best decision possible. We will help you run the numbers on an analysis of your property.


How we Help Buyers


Moreover we are the information expert on all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. More to give the buying side as much information as possible for purchasing. Due to the fact that our state in Georgia is a buyer beware State. This means that is up to the purchaser of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset to do their due diligence.


 However The Office Advisors has a great connection that too many industry Partners. These industry partners are here to help set you up for Success. From insurance to Contracting we only work with the best Atlanta has to offer. So no matter what type of password trying to undertake we have a large Network to help.


 Now access to many properties that fit your needs is another determining Factor. The Office Advisors pays for software that has typically ten times more listings than your free online listings. These listing websites are open to the public, but you will not be able to see everything. This is because there is a paywall that is for industry people. So when working with The Office Advisors we not only give you information. The broker’s here will also give you access to more property deals.


Renting Customers


On the other hand, purchasing or selling an asset is leasing. The business owners that do not want to or it doesn’t make sense to own a building. We love helping small businesses because we are a small business as well. The Office Advisors are number one in Atlanta commercial real estate leasing. Having a broker on your side freeze you out to do more things and run your business. The landlord has a broker protecting their interests so just makes good businesses that you do as well.


If you have never worked with a broker before then now is the time. The best part about working with Atlanta Commercial Real Estate number one leasing experts is that we are free to the tenant. Yes that is correct. This is because the landlord is paying our side of the commission. They are happy that we are bringing a paying customer to them and we have our commission as a built-in cost of doing business. 


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Now  If you are still not completely convinced that the office advises the right choice for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Just go to our website. You can read more on why representation is important. Also we make it very easy to get in touch with us. On the website’s homepage just fill out the form, or go to the contact us tab. We are always available by phone as well and you can call us here. (404) 594-3028


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Proudly being a part of a family of brokerages, The Office Advisors. Sellect Realty is a well known name in Marietta commercial real estate for years.