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Trying to find an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm to work with can be difficult. But there are many large firms as well as small boutiques. How do you define what a good Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company is? Well, we can tell you that the office advisors is the highest-rated and best choice. We might be a little biased though. We love what we do and we love helping our clients. From the beginning of your conversation with an advisor, you will understand that we are different. Furthermore, we were founded on the back of Client First and ease of access to Commercial Real Estate.


 However, the battle for client knowledge is hard. Many small businesses and investors do not know that our services are available to them. This is because of a lack of knowledge of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry. If you are leasing office space or a new location for your business we can help. I’m sure you see dollar signs flashing before your eyes immediately. Stop and get that out of your mind. We actually save you tons of money. There is no cost to you if you are leasing or buying a building.


 Now if you want to work with one of the big box companies we understand. They have been trusted and done a great job at growing their Imaging company. However, the way that users interact with Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is ever-changing. That is why the office advisors or Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. Unlike traditional brokerages, we are agile and utilize Technology For Speed and transparency. So if you’re looking to get the job done quickly and right contact the office of visors.


Unloading an Asset

Subsequently, we love selling and assisting our clients in buying all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. It does not matter what your budget is we are here to help. If you have an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset to sell we Market better than our competition. Understandably it is difficult to sell a large building by just throwing it up on the internet. Traditional methods of calling Property Owners is still what we do. However, we utilize many other methods in order to get your building in front of the right buyer. Having as many eyes on your product is necessary for success.


 When choosing the office advisors to Market your property you will not be disappointed. Think about this. Traditional Atlanta Commercial Real Estate shops take a few photos create a flyer then set back. They might even put a sign in the yard that stands there for years on it. We have all been driving down the road and seeing an extremely old commercial real estate company sign. It looks like it might have been there for 30 years. However, this is because commercial real estate moves a lot slower than residential. This does not have to be the norm. Work with the office advisors to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


 Our methods

 Trying to change the game in hell properties are marketed and sold is a tough job. We are up to the task. So why don’t you come by and check out some of our listings to learn more? In the meantime, we’ll give you a quick breakdown of our methods. Starting with professional photography on all of our listings. If you go on a site like Loopnet or co-star you will quickly find out that the photos of the building are either dated or terribly taken. This is not the case when you work with the office of visors. We also do 3D virtual walkthroughs. As well as drone shots when legally allowed.


 Furthermore, we utilize the internet. I know you might be saying to yourself well who doesn’t? However the office advisors not only use the traditional websites to post your listing on, but we use Secret Sauce methods as well. Utilizing technology and how Google works we create ads to follow potential investors around. So when they start searching for a building and then move on to Walmart or wherever they go. Our ad follows them around the world wide web.


 Looking to rent a building or any space?

 Now if you’re a small business typically you start off leasing a space. If you went directly to the location you wanted and started working with a broker or property manager this is a mistake. Their job is to get the best deal possible for the landlord or owner of the property. They want to make sure you were successful as a business of course. This is because they want to collect rent. However, they will not give you the best deal on a property just because they like you. At this Junction is where you should have had representation.


 Starting off with the right representation when leasing a creative to success. The office advisors never charged our leasing clients a fee. Our commission is paid by the landlord. This is because he’s happy that we have brought a paying customer to them. You might even be an expert negotiator in your field. however, having an industry representative is invaluable. We have certain techniques as well as market knowledge. Knowledge is what helps our clients get the best deal possible. So if we were free and help you locate the space why not work with us?. It just makes good business sense to have representation on your side.


Finally, we also do not charge our buyer client a fee.  Traditionally in  Atlanta Commercial Real Estate, the seller of the property pays the Commission. so if someone with the market knowledge and properties on hand is willing to work for you for free. Why not give them a call? We make it extremely simple to reach us and find out if we are the right fit. We implore you to visit our Google Business listing as well. On here you can see real reviews from customers and clients just like you. We are so highly rated because we focus on our client and the experience. The office advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. As well as customer service Titans.

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