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If you’re a new restaurant owner you might be scared about what the future looks like. You might not even understand how to get your first lease space. Well the good thing is you’re in luck. The Office Advisors is your number one source for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. We can help you find the right restaurant space for your needs. Especially during this crazy time of uncertainty. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation.404-594-3028


The Office Advisors is Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. This is very true even when it comes to leasing restaurant space. Our track record working with landlords is unparalleled. We have a great relationship with the owners and landlords of buildings. Due to the fact that our Brokers are the most professional in fish until Atlanta. So I have a representative on your side and that is revered throughout the industry. The Office Advisors will help you lease locate and negotiate the right restaurant space for your needs. However trying to do this alone can cause you time and money. So it makes good business sense just to walk with us.


 Now if you have never worked with an industry professional before then now is the time. Uncertainty and scared landlords are imminent. Many landlords are weary to have new restaurant startups in their space. Due to the fact that the current crisis we are facing has caused a lot of them to shut down. Being set up well to resist yourself from the get-go is something that we can help you with. The Office Advisors will help you no matter how scared a landlord is.


Effects of the Pandemic

 Now it is easy to say that the effects of the current crisis are felt by all. The Atlanta commercial real estate market was not immune to this at all. However the total sum seems to be less than the entire country’s average. Here in the Metro Atlanta area we saw our fair share of restaurant closings. As well as some large office leases signed.


 However with the riots that were taking place more damage was inflicted on small businesses such as restaurants. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate was hit hard by these animals. Unfortunately some of the businesses were not able to Fair through the storm. This could have been not only because of the Coronavirus. Underlying mismanagement seems to be a reason for the large amount of closures.


 Furthermore a lot of new restaurant Concepts started popping up. options in the market for many different types of restaurant owners. Going forward we have a positive outlook for the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate restaurant Market. Understandably so things will be different.


How The Metro is Holding Up

 Currently if you go out and about in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area, things seem to be getting back to normal. Minus the fact that some people are wearing face coverings that they think can stop a virus. Idiotic I understand, however this is just the world we live in now. Where people are sheep and they cannot think for themselves. Fortunately for us there are many trail blazers in industry. The overall businesses are opening back up to start renewing a sense of normalcy.


 Subsequently, their nice restaurants are still plentiful and Atlanta. The high-end Atlanta Commercial Real Estate shopping and restaurant districts were hit hard. Some of the companies were unable to hold on. However the Atlanta commercial real estate market is strong for retail. With typically mild weather almost year-round and an abundance of people in walking distance we’re poised for Success. However not all of the successful restaurants were able to hold on.


Largely due to the fact that delivery was not going to work for a restaurant model. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate restaurant space has been up in the air. A lot of very good restaurants have failed. Closing their doors never to reopen it again. However this is going to create an opportunity for a new restaurant concept. Looking forward to seeing each man or striving to change the way things are done. The Office Advisors are here to help any of these entrepreneurs and their Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space needs.


What Will The Future Look Like

Uncharacteristically Atlanta Commercial Real Estate and the rest of the country is uncertain. The forecast for how the recovery will happen changes daily. Unwavered are many business owners. The Office Advisors are constantly talking to restaurants and New Concepts. It is our belief that we will see a rise in the availability of delivery and take-out options. Some people are going to say we know this is not groundbreaking. However the way things are done might look something completely different than what you were thinking. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has been a test market for many different restaurants in the past. Going forward we see this as a trend even more.


New concepts 

now with the rise in delivery & takeout services available to the public  different business models are popping out. One of the business models that we are seeing is a commercial kitchen type set up. However these are set up for delivery and takeout only businesses. Housing up to MIDI different restaurants in one space. They then have to use the delivery app that the company building is contracted to use. Creating an ecosystem of delivery, take out and restaurant cohesiveness. Being located at the central hub can cut down on delivery and takeout times. However this can also create a better estimation of time.

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Now if you were still not completely convinced that you need to work with The Office Advisors. Check out our website today. We are Atlanta’s commercial real estate efficiency expert. The best part about working with us is that we are always a free no-obligation consultation. So there is no reason that you should not work with the opposite visors. Call us today or visit our website and one of our Brokers will reach out to you in a timely manner.404-594-3028


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