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You were searching for the best in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate then look no further. The Office Advisors is the number one Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm. We assist clients daily on the investment side as well as the leasing side. With brokers who specialize in medical office, as well as industrial and retail space. No matter what the size of your company The Office Advisors is here to help. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. Focusing on a system and the client in order to streamline the commercial real estate process. So if you were ready to begin your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Journey then give us a call.


 Furthermore, there is a major difference when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms. The Office Advisors prides ourselves on putting our customers and clients for. We highly recommend that you visit our Google Business listing. First on here should be the reviews. We are so highly rated for true, and customers just like you. Our Brokers love working in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. We are dedicated in Industry professionals. None of our Brokers are part-time. They are all focusing on this as a career. As well as constantly going through continuing education courses. We want to make sure that our Brokers understand every aspect of the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


 Now, no matter how big or small your company is you have to make a decision. This decision is typical if you were going to sign a lease or purchase your office. Now generally speaking in office can mean many different things. If you were a manufacturer this is a large industrial space. However, if you were a call center it could be a few thousand square feet of cubicles. Subsequently, The Office Advisors focuses on all of these verticals. No matter what type of asset class you were in we are here to help. So the decision is ultimate to you on whether to lease or purchase. However, we were trying to outline some pros and cons and the coming paragraphs. You must decide which one, Atlanta commercial real estate purchase or lease.


Should I Purchase

 An age-old question that many business owners think of is should I buy my building?. Now, this is something that you should not take lightly. Especially as a business owner when every penny matters. Putting a large down payment on a building could strap you for cash. This cash could be utilized elsewhere in order to grow your existing business. Or expand on it whether that be salaries or needed space or inventory. The Office Advisors are standing by for either of those Atlanta Commercial Real Estate transactions. We can help with any Atlanta commercial real estate purchase or lease. 


 However, there are many great options for owning your building. As you can tell we’re using building very broadly in the sand. You might even own just your small square footage of office space. However, we are going to use the building when it relates to owning your existing location for your business. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different opportunities to own.


 A pro to owning your building is the fact that you will not be kicked out. This of course taking into account your pay your mortgage. As well as the opportunity to refinance and take some cash. This cash can be than utilized on expansion opportunities. The Atlanta commercial real estate market last an array of opportunities for your business to purchase a grow.


 Furthermore owning the building that your company operates out of might give you additional income. This income can be sourced from potential tenants. Maybe you buy an existing building with tenants and only operate out of a small square foot of space. Renting to other businesses can be a beneficial strategy. The Office Advisors assist in all of these aspects of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate process. On the flip side, this means that you are now a landlord. So understanding the responsibilities that come with this ownership, should be taken into account. 


Pro’s to signing a lease

 Secondly, there are many positive aspects to renting your space. Your space can mean that you were not responsible, only partially responsible for major maintenance. Generally speaking, the HVAC is something that is highly negotiated on a lease document. In a commercial space that these units can be extraordinarily expensive. Upwards of the tens of thousands of dollars. it is imperative to your business and your bottom line that you have proper representation while negotiating. The Office Advisors are number one in negotiating leases around the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


 Furthermore, A major benefit to signing a lease is that you do not have a mortgage. Be on the hook for major debt can be detrimental. And nothing is guaranteed in business. Especially when most businesses fail. Now we’re not trying to say that your business is going to fail. However, it is important to understand that you will still have debt that needs to be paid. Even if your business goes bankrupt. However, a lease is still a binding document that will need to be paid as well. Although a lease is less scary typically there the other benefits can be paid in dividends. Many landlords are willing to help with the Improvement of a building. Once again saving you cash to put into your company.


There are Negatives to both

 Remembering that there are pros and cons to both sides of the equation. Remember when purchasing an asset, or even leasing a building you must take into account the risks. Bowser legally binding documents in the state of Georgia. However, having proper Russe representation on your side like The Office Advisors can save you thousands of dollars. We negotiate hard for our clients in order to save them money. No matter what side of the transaction we are on. The Office Advisors or expert negotiators when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets.


 Subsequently a risk to purchase is the debt. As well as the amount of cash flow it takes two continually operate a commercial building. You also have landlord responsibilities that you can either sub out or take on. Weigh your options when thinking about Atlanta commercial real estate purchase or lease.


 Furthermore, the leasing side comes with its responsibilities as well. However, they are typically smaller and not as costly. Even though they are all negotiable during the please process. Having The Office Advisors on your side can save you thousands of dollars. Contact us today to learn more.

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