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 trying to find the right Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages difficult.  however, it does not have to be. The Office Advisors are Atlanta’s highest-rated commercial real estate company. We assist clients and business owners alike.  no matter how big or small your operation is we are here to help. Deciding whether to purchase or lease your space for a business can be a difficult one. Let The Office Advisors advise you in the right direction. Check us out at 


Focusing on the client is what sets us apart. You have your choice in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms to work with. However, there are none like us. Do traditional Atlanta Commercial Real Estate model is old. For the more, they do not focus on the client. Nor do they have a system in place. When working with a broker at another large firm you are how to his whims. However, when you work with The Office Advisors for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs we have a system in place. The system cuts down on confusion. As well as lessens the number of surprises along the way.


 Building a business is a difficult and time-consuming Endeavor. However, you were real estate that does not have to be. Working with The Office Advisors frees you out so you can focus on what you do best. That is focus on your business. Running your company is the best use of your time. Not searching for Real Estate. So when you work with a broker for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate need to make sure they have your interest in mind.


 Now when you work with a broker fee or you will quickly find out of that we will weigh the options for you. All along the way, we will provide the information so you can make the decision that is best for you. It can either be purchasing a real estate asset or leasing a space for your business. Whichever you decide is best we are here to assist you. Contacting The Office Advisors today is the easiest way to get started. We make it simple for you to find us. Search on Google or around the world wide web for our website. From there you can live chat with a broker or fill out a form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


 Buying a building

 now many people think it’s a great idea to purchase a building for their business. However, this is not always the case. Although sometimes it can be in the best interest of the company and the owner. Making sure you understand all the risks as well as benefits going into a purchase of Atlanta commercial real estate property.


 Firstly if you were going to purchase a building to have to make sure that you do not spend all of your cash. Cash is King when it comes to operating a company. So not purchasing an asset that does not allow cash flow for your company is necessary. There are many options when it comes to the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate financing portion.


 The building gives you the option to lease out a new space. This can create cash flow for the company as well. However, you might not want to be the landlord of the space. Now you have created a headache for yourself unless you hire an outside party. There are many options when it comes to Property Management in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate scene. We have many connections with Atlanta’s best of company. So this is an option for you to contact us to score Atlanta commercial real estate property management needs.


 Secondly owning a building allows you to take out the cash if needed. If the property is mortgaged, or even if it was originally bought cash there are options. One of those options is taking out a second mortgage on the property. Or refinancing. You can take out an equity line of credit and allows you to put the money back into the business. This can help you expand creating more income for your company. Lots of different organizations use this tactic when it comes to purchasing Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets.




 now leasing a building means you don’t have near as much responsibility typically. Unless you were triple net leasing the entire space. Traditionally in the Atlanta commercial real estate market, you have full responsibility. However, this is not the case in every aspect. Traditionally speaking the landlord has a lot of responsibility. As well as gives money up in order to hope you build out your space. Landlords want to make sure that you are making money so, therefore, they will help set you up for success. However, negotiating your own that does not mean to get the best deal. And the landlord’s interest is to make the most money off you possible.

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