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Finding the right Company 

If you had started to search for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate and then you probably come across a few brokerages. The Office Advisors is your number one choice for all things real estate-related. When searching for property to buy you inevitably will work with a broker. The Office Advisors is your Premier Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm. Trying to find the right company to work with candy daunting. But you can rest assured that when you hire us your best interests are always kept in mind.404-594-3028


 Now the Atlanta commercial real estate market has been having a black eye for years.Setting out to change the current perception, The Office Advisors was born. Traditionally speaking if you’re working with a brokerage then you are headed off to one individual. This individual has his own way of doing things. So if you go back to work with the same firm you will most likely get a completely different experience. However at The Office Advisors we have a system in place. The system is created to give certainty and stability. Clients want to know what is happening at every turn. So The Office Advisors canned produce those answers with clarity.


 However working with us will be a different experience than your past. It’s so if you are looking to a change Al your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experience is done call us. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. Our system is put in place to help ease tensions and move the transaction along. Our Partnerships throughout the industry have created a seamless process from search to closing. It only makes good business sense to have representation on your side. The landlord has representation so should you.



Now if you were looking to purchase an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset for sale that he will most likely be financing. However this is not the only means of purchasing a building. When you are going to have a loan on a piece of property you need to have the money up front. That you put down I will be your initial down payment on a loan. Finding the right financing company can be daunting as well.  The Office Advisors have many different connections to lenders. The Atlanta commercial real estate market and International Market have many different opportunities. However not all of these lenders are created equal.


Moreover dealing with the  different lending companies takes time. It is best to start your financing process before you have found an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset  to purchase. Buying a sub can take time, and that they are typically many different contingencies. These contingencies are most likely upon the completion of tasks. So the lender has many different contingencies that must be met in order to pay for the property. Getting an early start on these can create a smoother transactional period. 



Furthermore as we know that cash is always king. However this is not always the case when it comes to purchasing a commercial real estate property. It’s strategy might not be the best use of your money. Leveraging someone else’s money to purchase an asset class helps mitigate your rest. However a loan is always expected to be paid back. So when purchasing a cash asset that means that you were using all of your money up front. If you are leveraging that purchase then you have more opportunity to put that cash for work when it comes to leasing out the building.


 Now adding extra cash on hand can help you spruce up. Tenants are going to expect some type of build out to meet their needs. So having some extra cash instead of going back to the bank for loans might be a good play. Doing this to increase the value of your building will help you out in the long run. The better the building a creates a higher rental rate. Once you are creating more rent or an asset than the value is increased. A building is fully leased when the property has its most value. Now it is time for a strategy session on what to do with your land commercial real estate property.



 Commonly used, the 1031 exchange is a tax Haven for investors. It is a mechanism created by the federal government of the United States. You take the funds from a sale of your commercial real estate building.  these points have to be used to purchase a set. Meaning that you have a timeline to purchase another commercial real estate asset. Or real estate property for that matter. As to not be taxed on the gains from the sale of the last Atlanta commercial real estate property. The Office Advisors has connections with attorneys and tax specialists to meet your needs. So if you do not want to be taxed on the sale of your property and then contacted The Office Advisors today.


Off Market Deals

Subsequently trying to find the right building to purchase can be talked about. Even in these times of economic booms. Many different asset classes have High sticker prices. So it is important to find the off-market deals. The Office Advisors have connections throughout the Metro Atlanta Market. With many different Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset types. So when you are trying to find the best deal for you contact The Office Advisors. We will find the best deal with the right price for you. 


How a broker saves you money

Furthermore working with the officer visors can save you a ton of cash. What happens when you work with the broker is that our industry knowledge can save you a ton of money on the back end. Not only does finding off-market deals help save you, but our negotiating power does as well. The industry knowledge that we carry from doing this day today is powerful. Even though you may understand how a transaction is done as well as the market. The Office Advisors Brokers are in the trenches daily. Understanding how these landlords work as well as the sellers of the assets.

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 Now if you’re not completely convinced that you need a representative. Visit our website at You can read more about why representation is important and why we are founded. Being an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency expert. It just makes good business sense so contact today. 404-594-3028


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Sellect Realty, a trusted name in Marietta residential real estate for years. Is our brokerage. The Office Advisors is the commercial arm. 404-594-3028