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You do not have to search far for the best in Atlanta commercial real estate. The Office Advisors is the right choice for all of your commercial transactions. When you are searching around the world wide web for the correct brokerage, check out our website. Just visit to learn more about our services. Constantly looking forward to increased exposure and productivity. We will be launching a new podcast series in January of 2021. 


Furthermore, the exposure that we are able to create for our guests will be exponential. The Office Advisors are Atlanta commercial real estate’s most technology driven company. We use unique to the commercial real estate industry marketing strategies. The launch of this media will allow not only our company to grow, but the guest’s as well.


Why A Podcast

Firstly, a podcast can be done for a variety of reasons. We are doing it for two main factors. The amount of content it brings. We want to be the foremost expert on Atlanta commercial real estate. While hosting a podcast we can create a vast amount of content for the masses. Now, the large amount of content will allow Google to push our company to the front of searches. 


Second, the podcast will allow our guest to actively market their company. They can showcase what they do. Moreover, people love talking about themselves and their journey. Showcasing entrepreneurs will give us valuable insight in order to better serve them and their needs. Also affords them the opportunity to speak about challenges they face. A learning environment for all that seek it. The Office Advisors is changing how we interact with Atlanta commercial real estate.


Podcasting is increasing in users. This is why many different industries have looked to it as a new form of reaching potential users and clients. You can read more in this article.


Is This a Commercial Real Estate Podcast?

Subsequently, we are not making this about Atlanta commercial real estate. However, we will be asking a few real estate related questions. Focusing more on how businesses are created and the journey to success. 


Furthermore, our target audience is not individuals who are listening to our industry-related media. Making sure we get a wide variety of guests is key. If you are a business owner we would love to feature you. Contact us via our website or call us directly. 


Changing the game

Now, The Office Advisors has set out to create a new way of interacting with Atlanta commercial real estate. We want to be more focused on the client and our brokers. Traditionally brokers were thrown to the wolves so to say. Here we invest time and energy with them. We have a systemized process. This creates clarity and communication. Our customers and clients benefit greatly from this approach. 


Traditionally you as a client would get different experiences every time you used the same company. However, this is not the case when working with The Office Advisors. We are here to service you. We are Atlanta commercial real estate efficiency experts. Making sure you know what is happening at all times. The flow from the initial conversation to the close of the transaction is seamless. Make sure you hire The Office Advisors before you go at it alone.

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Moreover, we practice what we preach. Go to our website for a variety of ways to contact us. We have two different forms in order to reach us. As well as live chats on our Facebook page and website. This team tries to be available to anyone who is in need of representation. Especially when they are dealing with Atlanta commercial real estate. Call us today for your free no-obligation consultation. The landlord doesn’t have your back. Let The Office Advisors look out for your interest. It just makes good business sense.404-594-3028


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Parent Company

Finally, a company that can service all of your real estate needs. The Sellect Family not only is the subsidiary of The Office Advisors. Subsequently, the HSH brands have a division for any of your real estate transactions and accomplishments. From investments, luxury home, commercial assets, or license holding. We are a trusted name. So give us a call or visit the website to begin your journey. 404-594-3028