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A Brokerage with a Different Podcast

The Office Advisors have started in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate podcast. Well, actually it’s not about commercial real estate. Will you go after business owners and entrepreneurs around Atlanta. The Office Advisors is constantly changing, Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. We do things differently And utilize technology. However, we are not acting like we are the first people to do a podcast. Was searching Around the World Wide Web you should check out our website to learn more. We do a lot of different things in the commercial real estate arena. You will never work with another firm like us.


 FurthermoreThe Office Advisors do things to stand out too. We like focusing on business owners and entrepreneurs because this is who we help. As a primary tenant representation company. The Brokers hear how businesses of all shapes and sizes. Not only do we work with medical, but general office use as well.  the Brokers here are experts on all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.  Jurassic class, whether it be retail, office, or Industrial The Office Advisors are here to help.


 Why a podcast

 Now we’re not just trying to jump into the pickup podcast Arena because everyone else is. It is a cool medium, however, it is creating content. Come to the end. As long as you seem like the expert on any type of subject. That is why The Office Advisors are different in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. We understand that it takes content to get in front of people.


 Who are your guests?

 secondly, it’s all about who we have on our show correct? This podcast focuses on business owners and entrepreneurs. We want to showcase them in their business. The systematic approach has they take in creating their companies as well. We want to dive into the individual to understand them. So if you’re looking for a slightly different business podcast this might be right for you. Search Atlanta business jobs on any of your streaming services. Even though we may be Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts.  now we are trying to become podcast experts.


 Furthermore the individuals we have all their come from a variety of different industries. I’m being investors in real estate. So I’m being lenders in real estate. Now, this is not the only industry we focus on. Course I would be extremely boring. That is why we are trying to do things differently. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate game-changer. Do we have dentist doctors as well as insurance providers? Restaurant owners are another great guess that we have as well. Excitedly we have multi-millionaires as well. Just because you own a business is not mean you’re necessarily successful. However, they guess we do book is financially successful.


 Why not Atlanta Commercial Real Estate?

 Forever you might be asking yourself why are we not focusing Hour podcast on Commercial Real Estate. Well, I will let you in on a little secret Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is boring. Now it is only exciting for individuals who are in the industry. Strictly Atlanta Commercial Real Estate podcast would probably not do well. Our target audience would be extremely Limited.


 However if we focus generally on business owners and entrepreneurs around Atlanta, and then things open up. There are many different industries and verticals that you can be a business owner. Being Atlanta Commercial Real Estate tenant rights we see a lot of them. Subsequently, we helped a lot of these individuals with real estate needs. So it makes good sense for us to be out there talking to different industry owners to get a better sense of their business and their challenges.


 Can I become a  Guest?

 Well, let me start by asking you a question. Are you a business owner or entrepreneur? We are only looking for individuals that actually own or operate companies. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different high-profile salespeople and business development. However, if you are high level we might still want to talk to you. Especially if you run a large team or organization. So what do you suggest is reach out to us directly. At info


Can I find the podcast?

 We should be launching in late December to early January 2021. However, it should be easily accessible to anywhere that you stream or listen to podcasts. The Office Advisors is trying to reach The masses and not just locals in Atlanta. So if you search for our podcast on any of the major ones you should be able to find this. And once again it is called Atlanta business Ops. Not just the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate podcast.

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 Contact us

 now we would love to hear from you. Not just about her podcast at any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. While searching Around the World Wide Web it is best to visit our website.  Making it simple for you to reach us at any moment. We have live chat as well as direct forms on our website. The telephone still works so you can call us if you would like. Standing by to help with all of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs.404-594-3028


 Social media

If you’re looking to find us on all the different social media accounts click flow. We are active mostly on LinkedIn and Google. Now with the new upcoming Atlanta business office podcast, you can find us on many different streaming networks. Wherever podcasts are downloaded we are certain to be there. So if you’re looking for a new take on Business and Entrepreneurship check it out. 


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 parent company

The Office Advisors is a subsidiary of a Sellect Realty of Georgia. Address and name in Marietta for residential real estate. Now branching out into the commercial arena. Of the opposite visors is Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency expert. Taking the same approach in applying it to commercial real estate. Visit our websites to learn more. Or give us a call today. 404-594-3028