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Bossing around the world wide web for an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm to work with it might be difficult. Of course, there are large companies. Such as CBRE, JLL, Cushman Wakefield, and other local Atlanta firms. However, these companies traditionally have a bad reputation.  Atlanta Commercial Real Estate as a whole does not have the highest regarding the Public’s eyes. Fortunately, The Office Advisors are changing how this is done.


 Now if you never worked with the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms in your luck. Starting off with The Office Advisors to put you in the right position for your investment or business. We help companies and investors of all shapes and sizes. Never turning someone away, but rather guiding them in order to get to what they want to achieve. Fortunately, The Office Advisors love helping small businesses because we are a small business as well. 


 Traditionally the Atlanta commercial real estate market the large firms do not like helping small companies or investors. They are too large of an organization with too many costs of doing business. Furthermore at The Office Advisors are small and agile. Making it easy for us to adjust and streamline the process. 


Must reach out first

However, we cannot assist you and your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs without first contacting us. We make it extremely easy to reach us. First, you need to check out our website. From there, there are a few options to start the conversation. However, we always suggest that you check out our Google Business reviews as well. These are from customers and clients just like you. You’ll quickly see why we are a different server before your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. The future of our industry is changing rapidly. Especially when it comes to how consumers interact. There are many factors on the board right now that were impacted negatively many people. So let’s dive into that.


What We See Happening 

 Starting off it is hard to ignore what has been happening over the past few years. With civil unrest stoked by the media and billionaires, the Outlook of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate seems unknown. However, if you take into account all the macro and micro factors there can be some educated guess made it.


Zooming out to a macro-level and analyzing some of the events in the world you can see real estate played being made. First, let’s talk about the opportunity Zone created during the Trump Administration. Idea.  that’s an Atlanta commercial real estate for we have seen the many benefits to this. However, some of the negative effects can be tracked as well.  When large investment groups can come in and buy up entire areas with no taxes being paid you have to look at the massive picture.


 Interred these new developments will price many of the people out. Even though it brings greater Economic Opportunity as well. So what can happen is people who have owned a small place forever without the means to turn it into something better being bought out. Now if you look at the riots and where they were being displaced they were on the edges of the opportunity zone. So these small types typically make businesses or destroyed by people in their own community as well as Outsiders. So what does this mean? Real estate that might have been not a bother on the edges of this are now up for grabs. The prices depressed due to the fact of violets and damage. Creating opportunity for large investment firms do gobble it up with little to no taxes having to be paid. So what does this mean on a grand scale?  we believe in it is a larger real estate play by the Elites in order to control and dumped funds in cash without paying taxes. They’re able to control the masses by setting up entire communities the way they would like to see them.

We will bounce back

However, it is not all doom and gloom. You can take a look at each sector as well for an outlook on what is to come. And if some have a sunnier prediction than others. But only time will tell what is correct and which industry will survive in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.



During 2020 the Atlanta commercial real estate market so off the industrial sector boom. Now, this is in no little part to the shutdown. With the rise of e-commerce and the need for transportation of goods and services to individuals hubs. There was an increased demand for warehouse and distribution space. The same the first sharp rise in the asking rent in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industrial spaces. Typically a flat rent increase area. Industrial markets have seen sharp increases. As well as demand and supply shortages. We see this market continuing to grow and hopefully a leveling off of rates.



 Now it is no secret that the office sector has struggled. New leases were not being signed with companies I’m sure when employees are turning to work. As well as regulations and general ways of doing business. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has seen many new office projects start in 2019 and continue construction. However, everyone is arguing about the Resurgence of office in the coming year. We believe that companies cannot continue to survive with workers being mobile. Fortunately, there will be some movement as well as Innovation to come. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate always innovates and the office sector will be no different.



 The multifamily sector has seen a lot of volatility. Even though increased purchases of stabilizing do assets continued. Landlords unsure of evictions or rent collections are still holding their breath. With the moratorium being extended on eviction landlords are no longer being able to collect rents and pay their own. It is yet to be seen if there’s going to be a massive downfall of foreclosures or sales on multifamily. Even though the Atlanta commercial real estate market has still seen an increased opportunity and asking rental rates. Moreover, this depends on the ability of people to pay and jobs.

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  Now that you know a little bit more about The Office Advisors you should contact us. We’re here to help with any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. From and development, leasing to Asset Management. Our team is here to assist you. Trusted and licensed Brokers are waiting to help. So visit our website today to learn more about how The Office Advisors can help you.


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