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If you’re trying to search for an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate opportunity, then look no further. The Office Advisors have an extensive network. This network is so that’s that we can find many off-market deals. So if you are in the Atlanta commercial real estate market and looking to develop or invest contact us. We are a team of trusted advisors in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage round. Only hiring at the best of the best. fortunately, when you work with at The Office Advisors you will not have to worry. We always have your interest in mind. So when you were searching Around the World Wide Web is it our website to begin your journey.


 Now if you have ever worked with one of the large Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages before can you understand what I was about to say. They suck. Now they are able to Source deals as well as to see them through. However, you were just another number to the generally not treated well. Fortunately, when you hire The Office Advisors we treat you like family. Every deal to us is just as important to us as it is to you. there are many different types of commercial real estate opportunities. Especially when dealing with all the major Metro Atlanta Market. No matter what size deal you are trying to Source we are the right company for you.


 What opportunities are there?

 Now if you’ve been on one of the many countless is zoom meetings over the course of 20/20 we know you’re bored. Subsequently, you probably heard the same things over and over. Especially when it involves investment in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.  However, we are here to explain a few things that are not being discussed in depth. Multifamily,  Senior Living,  Industrial, and office.  when you do the same things are repeated over and over via 7 when ours or is it meetings. The Office Advisors looks to the actual industry experts to dive in deeper.



 starting off with the apartment Anaheim sector we hear this is hot a lot. However, what is happening right now is Builders or wanting to chase the highest dollar. The highest dollar on rent that is. Not cost of construction. However, the increased asking rents are creating a vast void. This void is for the Middle Market individuals. Many people are moving out of the city as well as losing their jobs. There are fewer high paying jobs at the moment. Creating a need for affordable housing.


 Subsequently, there many developers hopping into the affordable housing around. However, these are traditionally ugly. They also don’t have many amenities. So developers are having to make choices on how to attract potential tenants. the developers always looking at ways a cost-cutting. However, on the construction aspect of things, this is no longer achievable. Working with a smart designer is important to your bottom line. Looking at things like materials used and long-term maintenance. These can create an operating cost that is severely suppressed from normal numbers. There are many different developers looking for opportunities like this in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. They’re also looking to utilize technology and not have on-site leasing agents anymore. Saving roughly 27% of their cost.



 Secondly, the Industrials sector in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is still booming. We saw a massive rise in development and rental rates during 2020. No small part due to Amazon. Making it extremely simple for people who are not familiar with technology to purchase items. Users grew massively. Especially Boomers who were not going to order anything like groceries previously. Now became lifetime users. This is created a need for a logistical delivery route.  With a shipment of perishable goods such as groceries, new distribution centers had to be acquired. Not only Amazon but many other players as well. Do you realize e-commerce has created a need for warehouse space as well? The industrial market shows no signs of slowing down currently.


 General office Buildings

On the other hand, is the class A office space. Leasing has basically ground to a halt when it comes to office leasing in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. However, we are still seeing purchases of buildings. The investors are betting on the return of the highrise office space. After 9/11 in 2001, many people said the office is dead. They thought that companies and workers alike would not like to return to high-rise. However, this is proved to be untrue. We are feeling the same about the future for office. Even though it is probably two to three years out.


 Senior Living.

 Lastly, there is a senior living asset class. Now we’re not talking about just Assisted Living. Think about a convergence of the 55 older community into an assisted living. However, there is a bass need for health care options. So the play is to create a middle Market product. This product can be altered with needs. That way you have individuals who grow into the assisted living space. They can have their own apartment as well as social activities until they need to be separated.


 Subsequently, after four years in the senior living space, Private Equity, as well as REITs, thought the play was on high-end. However, there are many built-in only 20% occupied. That is why the convergence of Middle-Market as well as independent living is needed. Assisted living is just an aspect that people will gradually grow into.

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