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The Best of Many Brokerages

Finding an Advisor in the Atlanta commercial real estate market means you have many different companies to choose from. The Office Advisors is just one of a great multitude of commercial real estate companies. However, we are doing things differently. interacting with clientele on a different level. The Office Advisors is a small business and laws helping small businesses. Traditionally speaking the larger commercial brokerages have let the little guy slip through the cracks. Not believing that it is worth their time for the small commission checks. This is not the case at The Office Advisors.

 Large or small we can help assist you in all your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. The commercial real estate industry is slow to move. Sticking with the same way they have done business for the past eighty years. Traditional brokerages are scared of Technology. However The Office Advisors uses technology in many different aspects. If you have a commercial piece of property that you would like to sell then contact us. Guaranteed that we’re using the best and brightest to Market your property. Utilizing the tools of the internet we not only use professional photography and the traditional websites. The broker’s here will also optimize keywords so anyone in the world will be finding your property. Visit our website to learn more about how The Office Advisors is changing the way Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done.

A large market with lots of fishers

Now Atlanta is a  pond with many different opportunities swimming around in it. the city of Atlanta also has a great multitude of commercial real estate brokers. With the largest in the world calling Atlanta home. Companies such as CBRE, cousins Cushman & Wakefield and many others alike. Vast competition is not something that The Office Advisors is scared of. The Brokers here love going against the big guys.

 Traditionally so the larger companies are extremely slow to move. They also have such a high cost of doing business that helping out smaller tenants is not worth their time. However this is not the case when you work with The Office Advisors. We are Swift and agile and able to adapt to anything. Not having a high chain of bureaucracy we allow our Brokers to act quickly. Creating tools and systems that not only benefit you, but everyone involved in the transaction. It makes good business sense when working with The Office Advisors.

CRE companies that own Office Space

 Now no stranger to owning Office Space the commercial real estate firms here have a good amount of square footage. With the pandemic of 20/20 and many tenants not being able to pay rent it will be interesting to see how these companies fare. There’s no question that the office environment is changing. Speculation is running rampant right now. Large companies throughout the US are not even allowing workers to go back till 2021. Some of these will be on a rotative type schedule. Questions in the industry on the need for square footage it’s full of opinions. Some believing that more square footage is needed for companies as others are finding that they don’t need a traditional office.

According to an article from the Atlanta Business Journal top two owners of Atlanta Office Space have more than 5 million in square footage a piece. Cousins properties being number one with 7.3 million Square feet. Highwood property comes in second with 5.5 million square feet of office. 

Much Under Construction

Currently the Atlanta office Market has a lot of spec buildings under construction. With millions of square feet still yet to be  least it is to be seen how the absorption will happen. Even during the panda make it large leases were signed by companies such as Amazon. Creating an inflated number of square footage for the Atlanta Commercial Market. However leases are still being signed.  not at the Breakneck speed that  we saw at the end 2019 in early q1 of 2020. other sectors are benefiting much stronger than offices for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.

Will they Change?

 Speaking with developers and owners, the current plans for the office under construction cannot be changed. They are too long and far into the process. Hoping that companies will adapt quickly or build-outs will be more build-to-suit. These Innovations will benefit the office greatly in Atlanta. Having a strong Market of educated workers will aid in this.  Office environments will have to change in order to cope with people’s needs and current understandings.

What this means in the long run

 Finally The Office Advisors is not going to try to predict the future. Subsequently so if I think it is foolish for anybody to be so certain about a future topic. The office Market is going through change and there’s no doubt. Running around with your head cut off like a chicken is not going to help anything. The sky’s not falling, it is just going through a weather pattern. So we will adapt and come through this together. The officer Advisors is your number one source for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.

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