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Have you ever tried to search for a business office on your own? Well, I’m sure you found it extremely difficult. You may be spent hours and hours driving around in the car.  just two call Ana sign that no one called you back on. Unfortunately, this is extremely common. the amount of Stories We have from clients trying to do this on their own is astronomical. However, there is a solution. The Office Advisors are here to help your business find Its Right location. The office space in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate arena is plentiful. However, it can be hard to source. Using a broker like the Austin visors can help you find the right Atlanta commercial real estate office location.


 Now if you never work with a brokerage before that’s okay. Just to let you know we never charge our tenant representation clients at the. That is right. If you are a business searching for office space, then we will help you find it. Where the more you will not be expected it to come out of any out-of-pocket expenses. The landlord pays us.

Do Not Try By yourself

First, You might be asking yourself can I get a better deal on my own?  Traditionally speaking this is not true. In the Atlanta commercial real estate market landlords have commissions as a cost of doing business. The owner of the building will typically have a broker representing him. He has this broker in order to Source tenants as well as negotiate on his behalf. The landlord broker will be receiving all of the commission if you are unrepresented. Now if you have representation that the commission would be split. A broker on the office space side of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is only looking out for the landlord. Now doesn’t it make good business sense to have representation on your side? Especially when it is not costing you a dime.


An Office can mean a lot of different things

Moreover, The Office Advisors can help you locate whatever your business needs are when it comes to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Generally speaking in “the office” can mean a lot of different things. Maybe you were manufacturing, and require a large facility of thousands of square feet of industrial space. Or you’re a doctor the Deeds a place to operate their primary care practice. Whatever the case may beThe Office Advisors are here to help. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. So no matter what type of business you operate we are here to help. Furthermore understanding what each business requires is what we do best.


General Office Space

Starting off what you would picture when someone says an office location. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many different options on this. So might be thinking of a high-rise building in Buckhead. Something like the financial district. Or maybe they’re thinking of a more homey feel in your suburban area office complex. These can range from these four-sided brick Colonial ask buildings. To low-rise office complexes. Whatever they may be they are referred to as general office.


 Now, what type of business is operating these. Well, there’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to the general office space. However, what you typically find is something in the service industry. Most likely there is little-to-no retail in a general office setting. Lawyers doctors and dentists alike will use general office space. Even construction companies as well as CPAs. Industry startups like little Suburban offices as well. The Office Advisors actually operate out of a local office Park. If you were looking for one of these we can Source them pretty quickly and efficiently. Have The Office Advisors locate your general office in any Atlanta commercial real estate market.


Healthcare Industry

Did you know we have a special team within our office? Each division is broken up into teams. The medical team focuses primarily on helping Physicians locate practice options. They will negotiate and Source other items as needed. The Office Advisors has a dedicated medical Atlanta Commercial Real Estate team. Specializing in all things in the healthcare industry. We have helped countless Industries.


 Now some of the industries we have helped range from emergency dental clinics to veterinarian practices. Even some medical device companies are pushing forward in technology. No matter what your medical practice is we are sure to be able to assist. Do not sign a lease on an Atlanta commercial real estate property without representation. The Office Advisors are here to get the job done on your behalf.


Industrial Business

 Thirdly the industrial side of the Atlanta commercial real estate market. Hire our team of dedicated professionals can get the job done. No matter if you have a large manufacturing or Distribution Company. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts for a reason. They understand “lead time” and how important parking, as well as Logistics, are. Location is key you two major arteries when dealing with industrial space typically. The Office Advisors team of industrial office space experts are here to get the job done.

Retail Stores 

Lastly and major industry vertical when it comes to Atlanta office space is the retail side. Just give me a new variety of different Industries actually. Restaurants are considered retail generally. As well as your stores where you buy different Goods. Shopping centers are what most people think of when they think of retail space. As well as malls and downtown strip centers. Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different options if you are a retail type store. Having The Office Advisors to go see 8 on your side can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in rent. Making sure that we always represent a client’s interest at every step of the transaction.


 The Office Advisors have your back on any lease negotiations. Do not go into a large percentage lease in the Atlanta commercial real estate market alone.The Office Advisors are here to help. We want to make sure you were set up for success for all of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs.


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