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Trying to find an Atlanta commercial real estate brokerage that assists small businesses on their Reese’s is hard. This is because at the large commercial companies have too much over had to assist in the small to make. Here at The Office Advisors, we do things differently. Or the more we treat every customer as if they were a large one. Which client we focus on as if it is our own money and business going in there. So if you have any type of business and you’re looking to lease or rent a space in the Atlanta area contact us.


 Moreover when you take a client-centric approach. Unlike the competition where you are treated like a number, The Office Advisors treat you like family. We love helping small businesses because we are a small business. No matter what your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate renting or leasing needs are we are here to help. The best thing to do is go to our website while searching Around the World Wide Web. As well as check out our Google reviews from customers and clients just like you.


Why Have Representation when renting

Firstly, if you have never had an Atlanta commercial real estate broker on your side when leasing space you probably have money on the table. Having a representative that is first in lease negotiations is almost imperative. The Office Advisors Brokers understand the market as well as the supply. Knowing what landlords want is key to negotiating success. However, each deal is different and our Brokers will be creative in finding solutions. They will work for you to find a solution that benefits you the most.


  furthermore having a license to the broker on your side saves you money. This is because we understand the market and what is available. A landlord seeing an unrepresented business is like Lambs to the slaughter. This is because there is a lot of available Capital 40. Many landlords will negotiate on rent as well as offer tenant improvement allowance. If you have never turned in lease negotiations or even done them alone you might not have been aware of this. The Office Advisors are your number one negotiating source for any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. You can be a small office or a retail space and we have your back.


 On the other hand, having a representative saves you time. When you’re running a business the best use of your time is focused on it. Not wasting time scouring the internet or driving around trying to look for space. Let us take this burdensome and time-consuming task off your shoulders. The Office Advisors are your Atlanta commercial real estate efficiency experts. You understand the market and know the availability of quality. Time on locating and scouting.


the market knowledge available to you when working with a representative is invaluable. You may be the best negotiator in the world, but the information you do not know will hurt you. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different submarkets. Each one of them has a different subset of negotiation tactics. As well as Market rinsed and types of properties. What is easily obtained in 1 sub Market might not be available in the next one over. Understanding the needs of your business is what sets The Office Advisors apart. Your broker will take the time to sit down with you. from your initial consultation they will ask you some questions in order to best understand your business and your needs.


The Office Advisors is different 

 Furthermore working with us means a change in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. When working with a traditionally large company you do not get the Hands-On approach offered at The Office Advisors. We are so highly rated as a manta commercial real estate brokers for a reason. He customers and clients that we have served over the years Rave about us. This is due to the fact that our systematic approach and customer first transparency. We want to make sure that you were Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experience is open Denny’s from my location to close.


 Furthermore, it’s not just our system that sets us apart. It is also our Broker. We only hire the best of the best. So if you were looking for a top-notch company to work with look no further. The Office Advisors are top brokers in Atlanta commercial real estate for a reason. Each one goes through a rigorous hiring process. The team here is based on culture and work. Knowing that your broker is going to bat for you each day is important. So don’t waste any time higher The Office Advisors for your Atlanta Commercial real estate needs.

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 If you’re not completely convinced that you should work with us for any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate transactions then we implore you to visit our website. It is very easy to navigate. You can fill out a form. On these forms, we ask just short questions. They are in order to get a better understanding of your need. You can also let us know when is a good time to contact you. We do not want to annoy you during your working business. The Office Advisors are a different breed of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate set out to change how things are done. Remember it is always a free no-obligation consultation. So what are you waiting for? Call us or visit our website today. 404-594-3028


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The Office Advisors is a subsidiary of Sellect Realty Georgia. Female and Veteran founded the organization. The HSH brands are trusted for any type of Atlanta real estate. Located in Marietta just outside the city center. East Cobb is the home of The Office Advisors and Sellect Realty. So no matter what your Atlanta Commercial or residential real estate needs or give us a call. 404-594-3028