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Have you ever tried to invest in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate? And I’m sure you have tried to find an off-market deal. Well, let me tell you that The Office Advisors can find the best possible property for you.  Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different types of assets. These assets range from retail, industrial, office, and multifamily. The main investment sectors for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Working with a brokerage that has a vast network in order to Source these properties can set you up for success. Visit our website today to learn more about how The Office Advisors can help you. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts.


 Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that an off-market deal usually that’s the best results. At least at the time of purchase. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes a property is still overvalued even though it might seem like a good deal. Making sure that due diligence is done thoroughly in order to properly the product. The Office Advisors has a vast network of industry professionals to assist in this. Not only with inspections, but as well as financial analysis. So before you go out and buy an Atlanta commercial real estate property contact The Office Advisors.


What does this mean for the Buyer?

 Finding off-market deals means that the purchaser might get a better deal. This is because there are no commissions built-in or a partial Commission. Also, a surprise fire can make a seller happy. Sometimes they are not even thinking about selling the property or even think they would be able to. When they get a call saying that someone is interested in unloading a deteriorating property they might get excited. So our Brokers are constantly scouring the market for opportunities. Calling owners to see if they would be interested in unloading their properties. There are many different assets around the Atlanta commercial real estate market. We have advisors that specialize in each.


 Moreover trying to Source all these properties takes a lot of time. So let The Office Advisors for you ought to do what you do best. We have a team to assist you so you can sit back.


Do Large funds like them?

 this is a question that I’ve actually got a lot. Why would a large fun go through and try to Source off Market deals? The real secret is they’re not doing the heavy lifting. Large investment groups love finding off-market deals through Brokers. They typically have a trust relationship with a brokerage that knows how to find the properties. Then the investment fund will do their due diligence on the financial side. Going through the properties of rent rolls and operating expenses. Trying to figure out if it’ll make as much money as they are hoping. Value-add opportunities are the ones that are typically off Market.


 Firstly a value-add is something that you can increase the amount of money you will make off of it. Looking and a product that is a b or c, and thinking about what could be done to increase value. Generally speaking, this means new fits and finishes as well as paid. With an upgraded product increases in Basking Ridge will come with. Doing value-add is a hot Market to being in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area. Just check out this article on a massive deal. A retail center in Miami. Some say retail is dead. However, there are still very large deals to be done. Read the entire article here.


Commercial lenders like to see them as well

secondly, a lending company loves seeing off Market properties as well. When a finance company sees that there is an off-market it feels like a sponge is doing the due diligence. Even though the operating cost might be exactly the same if it was an advertised property. However the funds like getting their financing as easy as possible. That is why they employ a Brokerage group such as The Office Advisors. Remember that The Office Advisors in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. So if you want to find off-market deals in the best possible value contact us today.


How do we source our properties?

 There are many secrets of the trade. Furthermore, Office Advisors have a large network. Not only utilizing bird dogs, but a Relentless daily call schedule. Our Brokers hit the phones. They also Drive the streets to locate possible deals. You can rest assured that the lobster Bizer’s are your Market experts. Especially when it comes to Atlanta commercial real estate off-market deals.


So why do I need representation?

 Now that you’ve heard about why off-market deals are so important. You might be wondering then why would I hire someone. Not only the fact that we threw your time, but having industry experts on your side at your disposal. The Atlanta commercial real estate transaction can be confusing. However, the Brokers here be by your side step by step. The fact that we can take some of the heavy liftings off your shoulders and do it for free should be enough. It just makes good business sense to have an industry professional on your side. We will never steer you in the wrong direction. Treating our client’s dollar as if it is our own.


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