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Finding A Firm 

So you got your real estate license, now what? You’re probably looking for one of the top Atlanta commercial real estate brokerages to work for. However getting an interview with them and starting off making money quickly as nearly impossible. As you might have already figured out that there are a lot of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms to choose from. Though some of these firms are very well respected, not all are. Furthermore The Office Advisors should be your number one choice if you’re in A player. Visit our website at to learn more. Or you can call us if one of our Brokers will talk to you about the opportunities available. 404-594-3028


 Now there are many different women commercial real estate firms here. However we are definitely not created the same. The Old Guard is stuck in their ways of traditional bodies. The Office Advisors have set out on a mission to change how this is done. If you were working at a large brokerage you probably started at the bottom. Which is not a bad place to start when you’re learning a new trade. However at The Office Advisors we would rather have our Brokers up and running and making money. Our ramp-up is not years, but merely days or weeks.


 Looking forward you can always expect that we will be pushing the envelope on how business is done. Creating new ways of generating business is our favorite. Marketing slightly different and inventively is what we were founded on. Turning traditional in a commercial real estate on its head is what The Office Advisors asset to do.


Always hiring

 Now here at The Office Advisors we are constantly hiring. Well better put we are actually consistently interviewing  brokers. We do this every week. Weekly interviews are held to make sure that we are constantly looking for the best brokers. Also this puts a little strain on our current Brokers to perform. You might be saying to yourself that this seems cruel. However we only want top producing Brokers. So this doesn’t sound like you then you should probably apply for another tradition.


 Traditionally, Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has a high turnover rate when it comes to brokers. Subsequently a broker is constantly looking for greener grass. We understand this and also not every higher works out. So having a constant stream of potential candidates is what we do. This allows us to maybe have someone waiting in the wings when another broker leaves. Ensuring to our team that we will always have top producers working with each other. The Office Advisors hold interviews differently than the traditional and commercial real estate firms. Everything we do here is for a reason and you will quickly realize that we have a system in place for success.


Our hiring System 

Furthermore everything you will do here is a system as previously stated. This is even how we hire. Holding a group interview weekly and then there are two more stops. If we were to waste all of our time sitting through the countless resumes. Then we would be a very not efficient firm. Efficiencies what we stand on. The Office Advisors is Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts.

The Step By Step

 Starting off with the group interview to see how you work in a team as well as a weed out the weak. Generally speaking 2% of applicants that say they are arriving will actually show up.  so this is a quick way to see who is actually committed to the job. Also built into this is the first key indicator that we are looking for. When you are accepted to the group interview we only ask a few short things of you. If you do not meet these easy tasks then we know right away that you probably will not be upset too. Two of these tasks are to be on time, and dress to impress. Unfortunately many people cannot follow these Simple Rules.


 Now the second round if you are so lucky to pass as more of a shadowing. If we believe you’re a good fit we will invite you to come back to a more one-on-one day. This can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to 3 hours.  Our vice president would like to show you how our system works and see if it’s something that you can buy into. If you are a Lone Ranger than this is not the place for you. The Office Advisors are creating a system for Brokers to be successful in all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. However if you would do not want to buy in the system to be successful than that you should not work with us.

Final Step

 Thirdly is being hired. Now from this point on you will be expected to follow the system to a tee. There is no variation allowed or they’ll be consequences. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is fraught with Lone Ranger’s. However these people might have their own system, and not repeatable. Creating a repeatable and expectable system is what The Office Advisors is all about. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate does not need any more confusion. So if we can create a system that customers and clients alike will grow to love and respect. Then the success will follow. Your ramp up. Should be no longer than 3 weeks before you’re able to be handed leaves. Proving first that a broker can use our system and present in close the deal.


What to Expect When Working Here

Being hired on at a new job is always exciting. As well as a little scary. However is you should not be scared if you are a motivated and energetic person.  The Office Advisors is a atmosphere of creativity and energy. We want the highest producing people that never get tired. Yawning is not tolerated neither is tardiness. You can expect a team environment without the team split. We want our Brokers to make as much money in the Atlanta commercial real estate market is possible. So if you were ready to break through in your career contact us today. We want you to be able to plug into our system and be successful from the get-go. So your real time will be short and sweet as long as you can follow the scripts.


Lead Gen System

 Unfortunately, Atlanta Commercial Real Estate takes a long time to build a book of business. However if you are a proven broker it should not take too long. Our system will help get you money almost immediately. Once you have proven to us that you can produce on your own, then leads will be sent your way. The Office Advisors head team is constantly marketing to bring in new business. Once you are proven then you can get leads your way. No other Brokerage in the state of Georgia is doing this for their Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firms. Setting out to change from the get-go the office of visors are pushing the boundaries of how business is done. Not only for our clients, but also our brokers.


What We Expect From You

Furthermore, expectations of our Brokers we hire. I’m sure if you made it this far in the article you will understand this. No shock to you that we only want the top producing agent. The criteria that you must be constantly is following our system without variation. Expected to produce for the company and personally. So following our step-by-step system is what our main goal is. However if this is not something you can do to you will be quickly fired. Subsequently the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is full of lazy Brokers. We do not want a single stroke of laziness in your body. So showing up on time to not only team meetings, but client meetings is expected.

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