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No matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate usage we are here to help. The Office Advisors is your number one choice for you as a commercial brokerage here in Atlanta. Have you ever been working with the other guys?  Maybe felt that you were just another transaction to them. When working with us you will quickly feel like you are part of a family. We love working with small businesses because we are one too. 404-594-3028


 Working with the large Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages you might just feel like I have another little dot on their map. This is because they view small transactions as not worth much of their time. If you are a small business that is trying to occupy less than 5,000 square feet it will not even want to work with you. We think this is a major discredit to the many small businesses here in America.


We won’t let you down


 Now if you choose to hire us at The Office Advisors as your brokerage then you will not be disappointed. We are experts and anything and everything Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. We can help you no matter what you were trying to accomplish. Furthermore our customer service is better than everyone’s. Focusing on a customer service and small business help we have been able to meet or exceed all the needs of our clients.


 Furthermore, our team of brokers love what we do.You will quickly find this out when working with one of us. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many Brokers but we always try to choose the best and hungriest. Now when you try and hire someone else I might still come up with a fee for you. If you’re a tenant we are always free. We rely on the landlord to pass a commission and will even do our job for free if we have to.


Steps to Leasing 


Firstly if you have never worked with a brokerage before let me explain. If you are looking to lease a space and we are your broker this is how it goes down. using and as well as our other sources we start searching for property. Once we have found a list of properties we will then compile a report and send it to you. This is the first Weibel checking out property so you can Mark to the list through ones that are not what you were looking for. The space-time and  Cost in  the long run.


 Second we then verify the chosen spaces from the property Port. After you have picked out some we will then contact the broker to verify the information and see if your business is like that. Many people do not realize that landlords don’t want all types of businesses. Having a symbiotic or synergistic type of setup is ideal. This is because it helps ensure the success of the other businesses within the development. Having a broker on your side during this process can help you out a lot. We were able to sell you to the landlord or the landlord’s representative. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many different Avenues in many different markets for such businesses. We are able to navigate this with ease through our air years of experience.


Some Steps Can Be Problematic


 Now one of the tricky parts trying to find the correct space is verifying the information. The listings online are only as good as the broker who uploaded the information. Or the assistant who put in the information. There’s a lot of variables that go into an Atlanta commercial real estate listing. So sometimes the information about the correct or might be off. Having a representative or a broker in your corner can help set you up for success and he’ll navigate this aspect of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate usage.


 We have located the ideal space or a few of them we will send out a LOIs.  These letters of intent discuss our offer for basic terms of a rental agreement. Typically we will send out these to the broker and then they will have a response from the landlord. This is just an offer situation and is not by means or a legal binding document. We use letters of intents in the industry just to iron out the basic details. 


However once this is done we typically start the build-out phase if needed. Sometimes site plans and other things are happening at the same time as a lease negotiation. There are many aspects like going into a build out of a space. That is why it is typically your least being negotiated along the same time as other things.


Hiring an Attorney is a good Idea


 Moreover a lease is the legal document that you need representation of a legal professional. We always suggest that our clients hire an attorney for this process. The Office Advisors are here to make sure that the initial terms and the correct space is found. But when it comes to the legal document we always put the expertise on the attorneys. You were signing a legal binding document about your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate that you are bound by. Sometimes this can mean a lot of money for your business and you should not enter into it lightly. Having an attorney can protect you in the long run.


Finally the most exciting part comes once the lease has been negotiated. After the lease is negotiated and the build-out is complete moving day arrives. We always loved the opening of a new business or the grand opening of a second location. Again the legal document ,the lease is one of the most important aspects.You’re bound by this and that should never be taken lightly. However do not get discouraged by the legal talk. Opening and running a business is the best part of any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate usage. 


YouTube blog


Our vice president of commercial operations holds a weekly Mastermind meaning. These masterminds are recorded and put on our YouTube channel. If you’re a business owner or an industry leader you might want to check them out. A panel of owners and Industry experts discuss different business strategies in problems that happened. They use a round table type discussion in order to solve these issues that they are all having.


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Our parent brokerage Sellect Realty out of Marietta Georgia. They trusted name in residential real estate for years. So no matter what your type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs a residential needs we are here to help. 404-594-3028