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If you have paid any attention to what’s currently going on in the commercial real estate sector then you probably only heard a bad thing. The news is constantly reporting negatively. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is actually pretty strong. With of course no immunities to the current state of the world. The Office Advisors are your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experts. Power Brokers do the job with a positive outlook. Working with a negative person is no fun. That is why The Office Advisors Brokers constantly bring their best game.


 Now generally speaking commercial real estate is boring. Especially if you get into Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. However the individuals that work in the industry typically hold the same profile. The average age of an Atlanta commercial real estate broker is 53. The Office Advisors has set out to change this. We believe that we can be the force behind a great movement. Using technology and having a positive energetic attitude is what we do. So if you want to work with a brokerage that is spicing up Atlanta Commercial Real Estate than you found it. You can visit our website to learn more about our services. Check them out today.


 Secondly we are not future tellers. No one is. So for everyone to be negative about a scenario does not seem helpful. What we all can do is focus on what we can control. So being positive about your business and your real estate needs will help.


What media outlets are saying

You can turn on the news nowadays all you’ll hear is negativity. Of course we do not have to tell you this. The Office Advisors are a fresh change to this. Even major news outlets that are looking at numbers are still negative. All they want to talk about is what sells. In generally speaking that is negativity. However taking a more micro look into the economics of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate you will see that business is going forward.


 Recently a Forbes article was discussing the driving forces behind Commercial Real Estate this year. Large companies are not immune from selling the negativity. The Outlook that everyone keeps repeating for office is that it is doomed. However we do not think this is the case. With the time being people are staying out, but change is a good driving force. Here in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate our Ingenuity will actually make the office setting better we believe.


What industry outlets are saying

Some of the typical commercial real estate Outlets are repeating the same things. There’s positivity throughout the industry typically. Especially when a major sector is booming. Uncertainty and landlords being able to collect rents and other industry sectors created some negative feedback. The future is unknown. Industry experts have a positive outlook in general. We Believe.



 Ever since the beginning of the pandemic even the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experts are saying office Is doomed. However we do not believe this is the case. Some of the local Atlanta Commercial Real Estate companies on the same size as. They believe that this is just an adaptation phase. Temporary Downs as what we’ve seen before. Later commercial real estate will bounce back as it always does. Even with the office sector looking different.



I’m single family residence seems to be a major question mark. With unemployment individuals are unable to pay rent. This is making landlords very nervous. We have already seen a dip in prices in many different multi-family markets around the nation. However the Atlanta commercial real estate market still seems to be going strong. Major transactions have still gone and even set records. 



 throughout the lockdowns in pandemic The Office Advisors continue to sign leases. Some of these leases were even with new companies to the United States. Furthermore these leases were signed in retail. However they are not necessarily large leases. the retail industry seems to be going through a transformation as well. We all know about e-commerce and the spiked up Industrial. The retail Market seems primed for a major change through New Opportunities. The Officer Advisors believes that Atlanta Commercial Real Estate retail in particular will see a major transformation. It will not look like your typical businesses operating from the past.



The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industrial sector is a  Boom. with our state known for tax breaks for businesses. Many different distribution centers have moved in during Coronavirus. Atlanta has been at the top tier of asking rents as well. With over a million square feet of  new construction. Existing landlords do not seem to be afraid.


Inside the Atlanta CRE Industry 

Lastly the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages seem positive. I have heard very little negative talk from other professionals. The Office Advisors are positive as well and are seeing an increase in activity. Especially recently.

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