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If you have worked with an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company in the past, then your experience is probably the same as many. Generally speaking the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate seen is not known for its customer service. However, The Office Advisors is changing the game and how commercial real estate is done. We keep our pulse on all the new developments and building happening. As well as an office building and other market trends to ensure our client’s ultimate success. So when you work with The Office Advisors you can rest assured that your real estate needs are taken care of. As well as your plan in division comes to fruition. While you’re on the world wide web website to learn more.


 Now when you work with The Office Advisors you’ll immediately know that things are different. This is because our company was founded on the principle of changing out Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is done. Focus not only on the customer but our Brokers as well. This puts everybody in a better position as well as the system for Success. Each one of our advisors has to follow our proven success system. This is created to allow transparency at every step of the transaction. We are all so consoling working with developers in order to attain the best newest products for a client.


 Furthermore with all that is happening in the world at Breakneck speed is important to know what is happening in the future. The Office Advisors have a great network of individuals within the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry. Our Brokers always know what is going on. The pulse that is happening around the Atlanta area and how it pertains to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Make sure you have a broker on your side like the opposite visors. We guarantee that you will be blown away by our customer service.


New Construction Sites

Firstly, The Office Advisors are constantly in the know when it comes to the new office site. As well as entire make use developments unlike anything seen before. Recently The Office Advisors team went out to walk in completely New Town Center development. Located just on the outskirts of Atlanta. Also, it is one of the fastest-growing. However, if your a major investor, this is something that you might want to look at it. Contact one of the Brokers atThe Office Advisors to learn more. You can do this by visiting our website. As well as call us at any time.


 Subsequently, this submarket of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area is vastly underserved. It is underserved in many different aspects and product types. Notwithstanding any traditional asset class. They are extremely lacking in class A office as well as multi-family housing. The nearest markets have over 1 million square feet plus of retail available to them. In contrast to the market, we are currently talking about.

Keeping things close in real estate

 Now you might be wondering why I have not named the exact area. Because many things are kept tight in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. There are unscrupulous characters that would like to take advantage of any situation that they can. So The Office Advisors has the highest respect for not only our clients but other individuals who are working on the project. However, we can tell you that this development is near the Facebook office as well as new movies  Studio stages.

Understanding the potential for opportunities in a growing market is key to most businesses’ success. Especially when you are talking to the investment side of commercial real estate. Money in the private equity and a development world likes new opportunities. Especially when there is not a large amount of competition.

Being in a competitive market

 However, this location is the only competition in the area. Due to the fact that is a vastly underserved market. Whether it be Healthcare, retail, or office. He Covington area that does not have a lot to serve. Many things that this is due to the income of the county and City.

Traditionally speaking this would be an accurate assumption. However, over the past few years, the recent 2020 census will show that the income has doubled. Due to the fact of a new  Economic Development Authority.  with a new leader at the helm empty The Economic Development Authority of Newton County has been able to push forward on many different forms. Not only being able to increase the graduation rate in schools but bring in a new industry. With Facebook as well as movie studios moving into the area. Conversely, they have created a massive jump in the amount of investment as well as median household income.

If you are a tenant of any type The Office Advisors is here to assist you. Especially if you’re looking for new submarkets with zero competition. The Office Advisors is your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experts. We are also your addition to the experts when it comes to Leasing or building outer space. Making sure that our client and customer service in conjunction with transparency and speed.  Things that are vastly lacking when it comes to not only Atlanta Commercial Real Estate but the industry as a whole. Work with The Office Advisors to get the best experience on any type of Real Estate.


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Looking to the Future it is important to plan or in the now. Especially when everything moves so quickly with life nowadays. As well as development and lending opportunities. If you’re a startup or an existing business we would love to talk to you about finding you the right Atlanta Commercial Real Estate location. The Advisors are not only trained but they are licensed. Constantly being on the show me understand what it takes to get the job done. Hire one of our Brokers for the best results possible.  quit surfing around the world wide web in order to find an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm. You have to look no further than the Austin by this. Standing by you can reach us on the phone or via our website. 404-594-3028


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The Office Advisors is a subsidiary of Sellect Realty of Georgia. I trust the name residential real estate for years now expanding into the commercial arena. No matter what your Atlanta real estate needs are we are here to serve. 404-594-3028