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The Atlanta commercial real estate market has a wide variety of firms to choose from. However we believe that you should work with the company that best aligns with your needs. The Office Advisors are here to assess your commercial real estate needs. Whether you’re looking for the nicest, most qualified or efficient Atlanta Commercial Real Estate team. The Office Advisors are sure to not disappoint. Creating a system that puts not only you and the best position to win ,but is extremely efficient. 


Now it doesn’t matter what the size of your company’s portfolio is. The Office Advisors  can handle the job. Furthermore we love helping small businesses, because we are a small business. Is there a website to learn more about our services and why representation is  important. Checking out our Google reviews from customers and clients just like you. The Office Advisors is the most highly rated commercial real estate firm in Atlanta.Dealing with a pandemic will not slow us down. If you’re ready to make moves in this market give us a call.


Recapping the Past Few Months

 This past year has been a crazy one for sure. It will go down in the history books as something unprecedented. Despite the fears, there has still been a large amount of Atlanta commercial real estate deals.Witty offices closing their doors temporarily fear and concern over the office product started to rise. As well as the already shuttering retail industry. However we are seeing a sort of turnover. Office Buildings are still being billed as well as many to have been changing hands. The fact that money is still cheap is creating a nice source of deals. Unlike the economic crisis of the early 2000s businesses and investors have more cash.


 Furthermore disease individuals are not over-leveraged like they were in the past. being more financially secure oh, they are able to make investment boobs during this. Subsequently if you are an investor and want to learn more you should contact us. The Office Advisors will help analyze and locate the best high property for your needs.even with the growing fears of the future mini office leases were signed. Microsoft signed a deal here in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. Showing that we are still attractive to many corporate clients. With a great talent pool colleges that are very centralized. Positioning the Atlanta commercial real estate market to come strong in 2021.


National Markets Updates


However taking a look at the larger markets naturally many seem to be moving forward as well.Look at some of the microbe on markets, they are on the rise just at the Atlanta commercial real estate market. Scanning over some of these subsidies you will quickly see that new transactions have been Inked. Showing investors around the country that the sentiment is still strong. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate in commercial real estate nationally is still a good investment. We believe that will come out of this stronger and Industry will Thrive. Not only are these and Industrial, or off but retail purchases as well.


Now, looking at some of the non-traditional markets we will see how they are doing. The read further to see how some of the markets around the country are economically growing.  Fortunately for the Atlanta commercial real estate market we are strong. However this is not the case everywhere in the country.


Arizona CRE

Take me to die then to the Arizona commercial real estate market. There has been time to lie. Despite the impacts of the pandemic activity has increased. According to an article by AZ big media Acquisitions have been up. With a “92.6% of respondents witnessing these Acquisitions in July.” Not surprisingly these were in the industrial sector. Just like the Atlanta commercial real estate market, Arizona’s industrial market is growing as well.


However they are not immune to delays. Complaints from developers on delays of permits and entitlements. As well as financing due to the lack of government workers. Subsequently Building Supply shortage nationally.  something that we are suffering from in the Atlanta commercial real estate market as well. Is causing some contractors to not complete work, or even file for bankruptcy. It is to be seen as how many will be able to survive without the proper materials. 


Nashville Transactions

Subsequently like the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Market Nashville is booming. Leasing transactions are up. As well as Acquisitions and sales. The national commercial real estate market seems to be heading in the right direction. Expanding to Nashiville this firm has recently decided on Nashville as its new office complex.  furthermore purchases have happened as well. The sale of the Union Station Hotel, a historic Hotel in Nashville. Now has created a larger transaction amount for the city.


Raleigh NC

Another emerging submarket in the southeast is the Durham Raleigh area. According to an article from The News & Observer not many deals but one large one. Even with the pandemic one of the southeast largest transactions happened in Durham. A mixed-use development was sold for multi Millions dollars. Creating way for the new high-end mixed-use Trend. Durham is not going to be immune from this just as the Atlanta commercial real estate market is not.


Future Outlook

Subsequently, the Atlanta commercial real estate market as well as National markets are I’m sure. Even with major Investments coming in the future outlook is mixed. A new trend is definitely going to happen in the office world, as well as industrial. Retail clients are betting people will still want to come out and shop. It is hard to see where the future will be.However Atlanta Commercial Real Estate will be stronger than ever. With a vast amount of asset auctions. We are poised to not only lead to Future, but to create as well.


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