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Are you looking for the most trusted name in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate? Then you need to look at The Office Advisors. We are a group of Brokers that have experience in the Atlanta Commercial Market. We take a different approach to commercial real estate. If you work with our Brokers it’ll be easy to see that this is not your typical old school commercial real estate firm. We are client-focused about it or not about a transaction. We want to make sure that our clients are taken care of and that you the customer will not be left holding the bag.(404) 594-3028


 Now you may have had experience in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate in the past. We can guarantee that it is a slow-moving process. We can speed up the process of the Orion but we can only be as fast as the others in the transaction. That is why The Office Advisors were founded. Power Brokers want to create a streamlined process for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. We use the best technology to do this.


 Furthermore working with our Brokers you will understand that they do everything by step-by-step. We try to break down the process of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. This goes for buyers Sellers and tenants as well. No matter what end of the transaction you are we are here to help. We focus on the streamlined process that helps the client understand and anticipate what is going to happen and the next turn.


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Now, here at The Office Advisors you might not be aware of all the services that we offer. We try to do our best and advertise all of our Atlanta commercial real estate properties. This goes for any of our clients. What we do is we focus on high-quality Photography in filling out as much as we can about the property. This is to make sure that the next user of your space will be well-informed. We also want to make sure that you’re probably Stand Out amongst all the other than the Atlanta Commercial Market.


 Secondly we offer commercial tenant representation. If you are a business owner you have lease space at sometime we are sure. Even if you haven’t and you were new to this industry we can help. When leasing commercial real estate it is important to have someone looking out for your needs. Now you may not be aware but the landlord has representation on his side. We are not just talking about an attorney. You may be aware that the landlord has a broker on his side advertising the space. This means that the Brokers also looking out for the needs of the landlord. We’re looking for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate you should think of The Office Advisors.


Forever having representation can protect you in the long run. It not only goes for cost. This is because a lease is a legal document. Having someone in the industry and understanding the terms can save you a headache down the road. Landlords will hide many things in a lease to make sure that they are not left on the hook for cost or certain items. The landlord has someone in his Corner watching his needs. It just makes sense that you should too.


 Buyer Representation


 Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different aspects. We are diversified to help you in any of your needs. We also offer buyer representation services. Helping our clients locate and assess commercial property.  Our Brokers will sit down with you from the onset to understand your needs. Your needs are what is more important out of all this. We want our clients to be set up for success and make the smartest decisions. You as our client will feel that your needs are surpassed once we are completed.Likewise the seller most likely has representation. We want to make sure that all due diligence is Matt and when you purchase your ass that you understand your risk and what the potential cash flow will be.


 Commercial listing services

Furthermore we offer the opposite side of the transaction. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is very competitive. This is why whenever we list properties we do the most to show it in the best light. Your property Will Stand Out amongst all the others in the Atlanta Market. Likely yours will be the most well photographed and marketed commercial real estate asset. This is because we take pride in all of the commercial listings we undertake. Your property will be treated as if it is our own. Now all you need to do is start the conversation today.


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Again I say that we have your back. First you need to visit our website at We’re very easy to get in contact with. Once you have visited our website the second thing you need to do is fill out the form of the right hand side of the page. This is a no obligation free of cost to you step to begin your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate use.




Check out our YouTube channel where you can learn more about business and Atlanta Commercial real estate. Our Vice President Reid Moore holds a weekly mastermind with business and industry leaders. They discuss the impacts and strategies on how to make business moves in our current environments.


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Now you might be aware that The Office Advisors are a division of Sellect Realty. Furthermore they have been trusted in the Atlanta area for years. No matter what your real estate needs are. The Sellect Family can help. (404) 594-3028