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For information about the Atlanta commercial real estate market then you come to the right place. The Office Advisors are your number one source for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate related. We are number one and Industry reviews for a reason. I’ll customers and clients love the fact that we are so approachable. The best part about working with The Office Advisors is that we are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts.


 Now there are many different opinions varying all about the health of the market. Many people are throwing out massive taglines like commercial real estate crash?. Or are you ready for this recession? The reality of the situation is that the American economy has been through ups and downs before. Speaking fear into other people does no good. The Office Advisors will never push a fear agenda. We are here to give some facts and so hopeful thoughts on the Atlanta commercial real estate market health. 


What are the Brokers Thinking?


Now The Office Advisors are an Atlanta based brokerage company. Furthermore this gives us a better opinion on what Agents are actually thinking.  since we are agents. Daily we talked to other Brokers and real estate professionals. We get a lot of input and thoughts and feelings. So the landscape of the Atlanta commercial real estate markets berries and opinions. However the overarching opinion seems good.


 Moreover Brokers have to be optimistic if they want to be successful. Sitting around and thinking the sky is falling is how you go out of business. So the good Brokers are the ones out there talking and looking for deals. The Office Advisors will always be your best asset when looking for anything Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. Markets go through ups and downs, but we are still seeing good numbers coming out of Atlanta. So do not be fearful just understand that there might be some challenges along the way.


Generally speaking Brokers think we are in a good position. Many large companies are still moving into Atlanta. This means office leasing is still happening. When leases are being done that means the economy is moving forward. Expansion and growth of companies is generally a good indicator of how office lease structures are happening. So when we have more large releases coming into the city it’s a good sign. The overarching sentiment of CRE agents is an optimistic Outlook.


What Are Investors Thinking? Large and small


Subsequently there are many different types of commercial investors. They are are the large institutional types. Also you have these small individual investors into Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. The Office Advisors is speaking with both types of money. At the beginning of the pandemic most new deals were put on hold. However the ones that were currently underway we’re seeing Beauty in. The large  firms and institutions seem to be not necessarily sitting on the sidelines. The conversation we were having is they were still working on the ones and looking for new deals. The overarching optimism from large institutions was seen. They have a great respect for our President Trump. Having a conservator in the White House generally means investors are happy. This is because  policies generated from these types of leaders work well for business.


 On the small side a lot of investors were scared. This is because they are relying too heavily on income from property. Some of the little money movers shelled up.  However some of these small-time guys were incredibly smart. They set themselves up financially from the last institutional prices. When there was a crash in the early 2000s these now older individuals were prepared. Because what they saw happened in the past. So they were stronger cash and less leveraged. Many of the over-leveraged individuals were not so successful. Subsequently there has not been a major drop in Atlanta commercial real estate prices.


Are Big Deals Happening?


Closing out April and into June some of the larger deals that were set to close happened. He’s large multi-family and office purchases went through. so some of the mass price tag purchases we’re seeing to the end. Furthermore some new purchases happened during the shutdown. A few  National larger deals were put on hold. In the Atlanta commercial real estate market we saw large purchases seem to the end.


 Now it is unforeseen at this moment at what the future holds. conversations at The Office Advisors are having about the Atlanta commercial real estate market they’re still happening. Some of the larger people are still wanting to purchase in our markets and area. This is because we have a generally strong job market that is growing. Even with the shutdown in pandemic we’re overall hiring again. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate seems strong and will hopefully carry through. Subsequently a lot of larger  commercial real estate purchases might start moving again. The Whispers on this scene is that the larger guys are still trying to buy right now.


However we love helping the little guy. Some of these small-time money people are still looking for deals. There is still money to be made in these times. Reality of the Atlanta commercial real estate market is money can always be made. So no matter if you’re a big or little investor you can get a great product. The Office Advisors are here to help you with all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate related.


Are Landlords receiving rent?


Furthermore the numbers in the past month showed strong rental receptions from tenants. The owners in property managers of many office and Retail centers reported good numbers. The numbers coming out of Costar’s report say that 96% of tenants paid rent in April. I am assuming that June’s numbers when they come out today will be considerably close. Furthermore a property receiving payments for a lease is also a good strong indication of a healthy Market. The Atlanta commercial real estate market seems like it is still ticking along. 


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