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No matter how you use Atlanta Commercial Real Estate, it’s important to have a representative. And if you do not choose to work with The Office Advisors we always say that you should work with someone. No matter what side of a transaction you’re on someone will have representation. So it just makes good business sense that you do as well. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. Not only do we spend countless hours in the field, but we’re constantly taking courses well. It is important to have a broker that is extremely knowledgeable. The entire team at The Office Advisors is constantly striving to learn more about our industry.  you’ll be put in the best situation possible when working with us. Visit our website and learn more today? A team that is pounding the pavement daily. 


 Now if you never worked with Atlanta commercial real estate brokers before then you’re in luck. However the experience is different from the rest. That is because we are constantly evolving in an attempt to better ourselves. The Office Advisors was founded in order to do Atlanta Commercial Real Estate differently. So if you want a better experience contact us.




All over the country each economy is very different. The coronavirus has thrown a major  wrench in the situation. Beforehand we had one of the strongest economies ever. Not only families but other Industries are struggling. However it seems that Atlanta Commercial Real Estate in National real estate is still training long. The what’s pause deals are picking up again. Even in Chicago one of the  transactions I was put on pause. Has now ended up closing. The CNA Center was finally sold.  According to a Chicago business article the former CNA Center sold for 376 million dollars. Also referred to as the big red building. The transaction proves that even the time of Crisis commercial real estate removes on.


 However quarter one of next year will be a major determining Factor. Many experts are talking about quarter to is going to be the real script on how the rest of you is going to play out.  If leasing transactions in many other states is not pick up it is not a good sign. The lack of new businesses signing leases is a strong indicator. This indicator shows the amount of expansion into markets. So there’s not a large leasing activity then new businesses typically moving in.


Atlanta Office 

furthermore despite the strong numbers from Atlanta’s office  sector the experts are saying don’t celebrate yet. Microsoft finally Inked a deal for a large amount of Office Space. This amount of square footage  leased carried our numbers.  There is no buzz about other large companies. We have not heard about another industry giant moving its offices to Atlanta now. However is still yet to be seen how the rest of the year will shake out.


Industrial still Hot

 Moreover like the rest of the country the industrial sector is on fire. With major leasing activity still happening. There is also a large amount of SPEC Building on. A vast majority of the amount of rentable square foot in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate market is under construction. We have had calls from developers as well. These developers work in the industrial Market. They are looking not only for money, but tenants as well.


The Multifamily Fear

 Now talking to landlords they are fearful of how this Market is going to Fair. Especially if they are in the actual Atlanta area. It seems that there was going to be people leaving the cities due to the fact of the riots and pandemic. This is what happens when you have Democrats running a city. Landlords are fearful of tenants leaving in mass. 


However with many people still out of work the ability to pay rent is at the top of mine. Landlords not being able to colle rent will create massive directions. There has been a moratorium in many states on evictions. As well as the Federal  mandates on not allowing eviction student loan payment at the moment. This has been stalled Again by democrats in our country. Just more proof on how they do not want our economy to succeed.  People moving out of the city into the suburbs are trending up. We believe that this is going to create a higher demand of renter’s in the Metro markets again. Creating opportunity for even the smallest of investors.

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