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Searching for a Good Company to Use


Trying to find the right Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage to list your property for sale or lease can be a difficult task. The Office Advisors are your number one choice in Atlanta. However when searching for a commercial company to do the services for you make sure you choose the best. Having The Office Advisors on your side for all of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate transactions is key to your success. Contact the Brokers today at our website or you can call 404-594-3028.


Now  whenever you begin your search I’m sure that you have visited the world wide web and Google. From here you probably started on finding the right Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company to hire. When interviewing the different types of services for this make sure you look around. The Office Advisors is number one in Atlanta commercial real estate for a reason. We pride ourselves on the caliber of our service. Working with some of the larger firms you might feel like you are just a number and all they do is the minimum work. However you will never feel like just another transaction when you hire The Office Advisors.


What is Listing Real Estate?


Firstly, you might be wondering what is a real estate listing? The office advisers or any other Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company will advertise your property. These advertisements of commercial real estate property are typically for a sale or for a lease of the building. Typically almost all Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages offer some type of the service. You can search around for a flat rate, or go with one of the big guys. Beware however that many brokers only do the bare minimum when it comes to listing a property.


 Furthermore make sure that whenever you are interviewing they are a licensed Realtor for your Atlanta commercial real estate property listing. There are many individuals posing themselves as licensed agents. Make sure for your safety and success that whoever you choose to go with his license. The Office Advisors only hire active license brokers in the state of Georgia. Moreover the broker that you hire should be an expert in advertising. A property listing is an advertisement for the owner. They are either trying to get rid of or make more money off of said Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset.


Getting Started with Us


Now you have begun your interviews and landed on working with us we can begin the process. One of The Office Advisors license Representatives will come view the property with you. You’re going to walk the property and probably take some preliminary photos as well. All along the time jotting down as much information about the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset as possible. What we have learned over the years is that there’s many things lost in phone calls. In through a Atlanta commercial real estate property with the owner can help shed some light on some forgotten details.

 Furthermore understanding all of the small aspects of a building’s character can help sell the building quicker. Power Brokers take the time to understand your property as well as you do. We want to make sure that when advertising the property not a single blank is left filled out. Moreover what you will typically see is that many Atlanta commercial real estate listing Brokers only take the time to do the minimum amount of work. Time and time again we hear complaints from  current clients of other brokerages about the lack of work. The expectation was high especially since some of these Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets are expensive.


 Generally speaking, an owner of an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset is wanting a high-quality job done. They have an expectation of Excellence. Here at The Office Advisors you will never be let down by our advertising. The broker that you were working with will make sure that we fill out all of the listing information to the T. We want to make sure that potential buyers are understanding your property from the onset.


Why Our Properties Stand Out


Subsequently the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets that we sign on to advertise shine. All of the  commercial buildings and general spaces that we list look Premiere comparatively speaking. This is because we will typically have professional photography done. All of the photos that are going to be shown on line  are taken with high quality cameras. Many of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate listings are taken with a phone. The only photo of said property might be just the exterior. However this only gives a small picture of what the property is like. Whenever a client is searching for a purchase they are wanting to understand the whole aspect of the property.


 Not only do we take the best photography of all of our land for commercial real estate listings, but we advertise the hell out of them. Constant Market blast is one of our favorite methods for advertising Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets. We have a vast network of Brokers and other buyers. Constantly barraging the market with property listings make sure that eventually one of these advertisements will work.


How can potential users see my property?


When working with The Office Advisors you barely have to lift a finger.  We will take the burdensome task of working on your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset off your hands. The time Freedom that we give to you is invaluable. You will never have to show the property by yourself or do much of anything after we take over. The Office Advisors want to make sure that the entire transaction is smooth from beginning to end. The broker you were working with will do everything in their power to ensure this. Furthermore they will take the reins when it comes to dealing with the other Brokers. Making sure that the information passes to you only if it is necessary. We want to free you up so you can focus on what you do best.



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if you were still not completely convinced that you need to work with The Office Advisors and visit our website. We are your Premier brokerage for anything Atlanta Commercial Real Estate involved. So no matter what type of project you have The Office Advisors are here to help. Making sure along the way that your time is spent doing what you like to do. The Brokers here will always listen and serve you and every transaction. Remember that it is always a free consultation and no obligation to work with us. Do not hesitate longer call 404-594-3028 today.


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 You can check out our YouTube channel to find out more about business strategies. Our vice president of commercial operations Reid Moore is holding a weekly Mastermind meeting. In these meetings there are individual business owners and Industry Titans from around the Atlanta area. Weekly they discuss a new topic on strategy and implementation practices.




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Other Companies


The Office Advisors is your number one choice for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. However we can assist with anything residential as well. The companies that we are associated with our trusted names in the Marietta and Metro Atlanta markets. You can check out Sellect Realty here.