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Atlanta Commercial Real Estate | Leasing Terms You Should Know


Never you were trying to listen to Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space there’s some terms that you should be aware of before signing a lease. The Office Advisors are experts in the commercial leasing space. We have experience that no one else has and the best customer service. You should check out our website to learn more about our Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Services. Always remember that before you sign a lease you should have an attorney look at it. These are legal documents and your business or you personally will be liable for many charges. 404-594-3028


 Now when leasing in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space they are many different terms and abbreviations that is important to understand. We will discuss a few of those so you can be better prepared. Also when leasing space we always think it is important to have representation from a license realtor. All of the Brokers at The Office Advisors are license within the state of Georgia.


The landlord will give you money? “T.I”


 When key turned that you should be aware of is T.I. TI or tenant Improvement allowance is a commonly used term whenever you are leasing Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space. The tenant Improvement allowance is given by a landlord in order for a tenant to use. This is a type of reimbursement typically that is put up by the landlord. When negotiating a letter of intent this is when the tenant Improvement allowance is generally asked for and agreed upon. Having a broker on your side can help you negotiate the highest possible amount for a tenant Improvement allowance for your business.


Now it is not always certain that our landlord has tendon proven allowance to give. However in the Atlanta commercial real estate market we typically see landlords that a give some type of tenant Improvement allowance for build-out. The great thing about getting some type of allowance is that you will be able to build out the space to your needs. More of her having a good broker on your side can help you get the optimal amount so you’re not coming out of pocket any or only a small amount.


Length of your Lease “Term”


 Secondly the most commonly used term is “term”. Now this is kind of self-explanatory for many of us. You probably realize that this is just the length of your lease agreement. The term of your lease is how long you have been contractually obligated to lease from the landlord. However this can be negotiated in many different ways and is not always done in the traditional sense. The Brokers at The Office Advisors can help you negotiate all of these terms. We want your business set up for success when trying to lease your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space. 


Minimum Rental Payment “Base Rent”

Furthermore another term that you will actually see is base rent. This is the bottom line rent amount that you are paying on your Atlanta commercial real estate space. A base rental amount is what is typically advertised in a dollar per square foot ratio. This is actually calculated as a yearly amount and then you can just divide by 12 to get you actually want the rate of Base rent. Typically what you see on top of Base rent is all your other expenses that will be coming out. Be sure that you are aware of what you will be paying for in your lease agreement. The broker’s at the office if I just can help you understand so you can make sure that you are not having any surprises or bills at the end of the month.


Operating Cost & CAM Will Make You Pay


 Also as previously discussed pass through cost or operating cost. You will see these terms thrown around in your letter of intent and even in the Atlanta commercial real estate listing. Vsauce Theory from landlord to landlord so make sure that you understand what you’re being charged. Your typical operating expense is your taxes, utilities and CAM.


Now him is also a form of expense as well. These very why early from landlords and buildings around the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area. Sometimes they may include these that’ll be administrative. These fees are actually paying people’s salary. Cams however typically pay for the exterior maintenance and interior made into buildings if necessary. Moreover they pay for landscaping and the appearance of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate building.


Furthermore, whenever you are trying to lease an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space for your business you need to understand all or much of what goes into the lease. The Office Advisors are here to navigate you through your Leasing scenario. We always suggest that when it comes to signing a lease you have a real estate attorney take a look at it. There are many things that can be hidden, especially charges that you would be liable for that you might not understand. We always suggest to our clients this move. Moreover it can save you more money in the long run than the out front cost of paying for the attorney.


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