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Signing a lease for an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space can be daunting. However The Office Advisors exist to make this a much easier task. We are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate deficiency experts. Understanding both sides of the transaction put you in a better position for your business. Typically speaking the landlord holds much of the power when it comes to a lease. Many of our clients before they contact us feel like they’re the mercy of the building owner. However this does not have to be the case. The Office Advisors are constantly protecting your interests. We watch out for you because the landlord will not. Contact us today to learn more.404-594-3028


 Now if you have ever tried to lease a space for business you know how frustrating it can be. You feel like you know how much it’s going to cost up front. However when it comes down to it you will be paying much more in fees, utilities and other hidden costs. Furthermore you feel like you have bent over backwards for the landlord. Just for them to not even give a little bit. Protecting your business interest is what that The Office Advisors do. Don’t sign a lease in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space without first having representation. Even if you choose not to work with us we always suggest that you have a license broker on your side.


Moreover, having someone on your side that has a license does not necessarily mean you’re set up for Success. When interviewing other brokerages make sure that they are on board with you, and not just out for a commission check. The Office Advisors are always on your side. We never charge our tenant clients fee. We expect our compensation from the landlord. Even if they do not pay us we will do your service free of charge. Understanding that a small business needs every dime they can save. Especially when getting off the ground. We love helping small businesses, because we are a small business.


Understanding the Purpose of a Lease 

Now in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate there are options on how and where you can operate your business. However knowing the reason for a landlord to rent will put you in a better position when negotiating. Remembering the fact that a landlord owns a building in order to make money. This is their business, just as well as your business is how you intend to make an income.


The landlord has a vision for the building they operate in. Creating an ebb and flow of like and different businesses. A landlord wants a certain type of feel for their entire building, or strip center. It is best to think of different segments of Industry when The Thinking About You release. To put it in perspective you would not want to Mexican restaurants in the same building. This would create an unhealthy competition. However we all understand business that competition is a good thing. Though having two competing businesses in the same building means that ultimately one will fail. Then you have a space that is vacant. Not paying the landlord any type of rent. Then the landlord has to go through the whole process again trying to rent out the space. It is best to look for locations that might be cohesive with your business. Generally speaking having like or Theatre companies in the same area can help make you successful. Always looking for referrals should be a strategy when locating a space.


Selling to The LandLord

Furthermore importantly to comprehend is the fact that you are bringing your product to the landlord. The owner of the building is taking in your service in order to make money. So it is imperative for the business owner and their broker to present the business in the best possible way. Constantly trying to sell you are a business model to the owner. Wanting to make sure that they feel comfortable that your business is going to make money, which interns me that you will pay rent.


 However a landlord generally wants a business that is stable and as well as exciting. So creating visual tools is something we advised on. Here in the Atlanta commercial real estate market especially in the retail industry. Having a lookbook or visual representation of all of your business and its growth can help sell to the landlord. Having a landlord wanting your business rather than the debating it will put you in a better position. It is always easier to get things out of a landlord when they can visually see where you were trying to go. Especially if it’s something that excites them about having you there.


Who has the control


Now see for contacting us we have heard from her clients that when they have gone to the lease process they feel hopeless. Furthermore they feel like they have no control or power over the situation. Constantly under pressure from the landlord to sign a lease on terms that they are not comfortable with. Understanding the fact that the landlord does not hold all the cards in the situation is what we do. Guiding our clients through the Atlanta commercial real estate leasing process step by step. There are many different tactics on how to take power and live lease negotiations. We will get into some of them.


Take back some power

 Subsequently whoever holds the cards or the control in a lease negotiation scenario we’ll have the leverage. Constantly looking for leverage against the landlord as what we should be attacking. Here in the Atlanta commercial real estate market there are a multitude of options to lease. Letting your landlord know that you have options will give you power in the long run.


However, with the many different Atlanta Commercial Real Estate options it is best to not lie. So what we generally do is advise our clients to send out multiple letters of intent. This creates a competition between landlords. Especially if a landlord or multiple are wanting to do business with your company. The Office Advisors will help you prepare all of your lease negotiating documents. We will gather all pertinent information in order to gain the best deal possible for you.


Use Time for Your Benefit

 Now it is best not to start trying to sign a lease for a space when you are in a hurry.  Generally speaking we tell our clients to start 9 months to a year out from when you want to open. Due to the fact that negotiations, and build-out time can take much longer than expected. Just because you want to be in the location does not mean the landlord necessarily wants you. If the owner of a building knows that you were in a hurry then they have more of an advantage over you. Creating time and not a sense of urgency will let the landlord know that you do not have to sign a lease with them.

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