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Understanding Negotiations With the Landlord

Business owner in the Atlanta area? Then you may have tried negotiating with the landlord on your own. What we hear from any of our tenants in client is that they feel like they got taken advantage of when they sign the lease. This is because they didn’t have The Office Advisors on their side; they were originally searching Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space. However if you are currently searching for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space for lease then you should contact The Office Advisors at 404-594-3028.


Now you might be asking what is the number one reason that landlords beat tenants in negotiations?What we typically see is the fact that it is a pure education. However just because the tenant doesn’t know the going rates are other options on the table there many psychological things that play. You may have fear of loss is another thing that we appear to have. Or maybe it is a time constraint because you feel like you have to open your business now. No matter what your predicament is when negotiating space with the landlord. You should have representation on your side. Just contact The Office Advisors and we can help make sure that you are not taking advantage of when leasing Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space.


Do Not Start At A Disadvantage


First thing that normally comes to mind in the psychological aspect is fear of loss. This is because many times the business owner  feels like they have to be in one location. Here at The Office Advisors understand that the Atlanta commercial real estate market offers many opportunities. You may feel like this is the perfect location your business can survive without it. This isn’t giving the landlord too much power. He knows that you may feel that you have to operate in this one space so we advise our clients to have many options open. The office advisers can help you locate and negotiate many other spaces at once.


 Furthermore this creates a competition for the landlord. So what we are saying is that we can help you find multiple occasions that might work for your business. The multitude of available space in the Atlanta commercial real estate market can be staggering at times. We can help you Whittle down to locations that are ideal for your operations. The Office Advisors are experts in creating competition for our tenants. What we do is we typically advised that multiple letters of intent or out at once. Moreover having multiple negotiations going on at once may sound daunting but it actually is not. Our Brokers are experts in negotiating and navigating the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


Owners Have An Advantage 


 Secondly one of the major factors that we see for landlords holding power over a tenant is the fact that a tenant is under strict time constraints.You never want to be in a position of having to hurry up find Space negotiate and  move in. Furthermore having your landlord at a position of power. This means that he can hold you hostage on many different aspects of the negotiation. The Office Advisors can help put you in a position of power through many different negotiating tactics. We understand the Atlanta commercial real estate market better than anyone else. We are number one for a reason in negotiating for a client’s behalf.


Helpful Tricks Before Renting


Now there’s a few different things that we suggest before you sign the lease documents.  Making sure that a landlord does not have an advantage over you can be Paramount into you getting the best deal possible. The Office Advisors understand how landlords think and work here in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. We can help guide you through this process and give you some tips even if you do not want to work with a representative.


 One of the main things that we tell our clients is that you must start early. You may think that you have plenty of time when you start 3 months out looking for a lease. This is just not the case in most circumstances. We have worked in shorter time frames here at The Office Advisors but this is not how you want to be. As discussed earlier this is what you had two disadvantages for negotiating with the landlord. We typically suggest to our clients that you start at least 9 months out. This is because it takes longer than you would think for finding the perfect space as well as any Bill doubts that you might need. The negotiation can take a long time especially when dealing with attorneys in larger landlord companies.


 Secondly you must know the rate of the market. Having a broker on your side can help you understand the Atlanta commercial real estate market rates for your sub Market. The Brokers at The Office Advisors or Market experts. Understanding what other businesses are paying in your same building or area can help save you a lot of money. We suggest that you talk to the other businesses in the area and see what they are paying. Typically they are willing to let you know because they understand that is better for all of them to be on a Level Playing Field. The Office Advisors can help put together a market summary so you can understand what the going rate is in yourself.


We Can Save You  From Hazards 


Having a broker can help protect you in a lot of different pitfalls when signing a lease. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different leases in platforms that landlords like to use. Not every deal has the same but we have seen enough deals to understand the ins-and-outs. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many different price points and many different products. There is a wide variety of expensive high class buildings as well as lower income-producing buildings. No matter what type of lease you are needing The Office Advisors are here to help. We are experts in helping our clients find a negotiated to be right Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space for them.


 Furthermore you want someone on your side. You may be great at negotiating but we are able to provide much-needed information. The Office Advisors are here to help you make the best decision possible. It is ultimately your choice. We just want to make sure that you were making the most informed and educated one. So no matter what your needs are what the space you are using make sure you call us.


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Getting in Contact


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