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If you’re wondering what the state of the Atlanta commercial real estate market is when you come to the right place. The Office Advisors are your number one source for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. So when you are looking for a number one brokerage to hire, think of The Office Advisors first. You can check out our website and see why we are the best in CRE. 


 Now if you were looking for your just run-of-the-mill commercial real estate brokerage no we are not for you. Driving forward The Office Advisors are trying to be the change in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. We feel the need for a more customer-focused model.  While commercial real estate moves slowly, The Office Advisors are quick.


 However we are constantly trying to stay on top of what is happening in our area. And nationally for that matter. No one can predict the future. However we are constantly trying to look at Trends and see where it’s going to happen. The current state of our country and Atlanta commercial real estate market is unknown. These are uncharted territories. More ever let people lie I’ve never been in a crisis situation like this. The Office Advisors will see this through and help guide you with all your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs.404-594-3028


National Impacts


Now on our country scale we are seeing large markets suffer due to the protest. These are not just because of the pandemic these are because of idiots ruining the city’s. These animals are destroying property and millions of dollars. With the current shutdown in other states going around the country landlords are scared of what might happen. However this is not mean all landlords are.


 Other unintended factors that many people did not see your things such as tax breaks. When a large corporation moves into a city there’s 10 generally some type of incentive. The city is welcoming a large company due to the fact it creates jobs. The government then works out a deal with a large company. These companies typically have tax breaks for multiple years as they are providing they need jobs to its citizens. Furthermore due to the pandemic and shutdowns these companies have not been able to hold their into the bargain. They are not able  to hire as many employees as originally forecasted.  Therefore the corporations and the states are renegotiating initial terms.


With many people out of work landlords are wondering what will happen. The multifamily sector property owners are nervous about payments. Considering the fact that many people are out of work they might not be able to pay rent however with the government assistance many people should be able to still pay their leases.


 Unfortunately another Factor had that has shown its head is retail. In the National Retail Market we have seen many large companies file for bankruptcy. However this does not typically mean they are going away. They are restructuring some debt. So we will hopefully see these retail Mainstays return. I’ll be sure they will not be in the same form as before. Understandably the model has gone away from large retail stores. Therefore we might see a new version of the big box stores such as Macy’s or JCPenney. The Office Advisors is hoping that our Atlanta commercial real estate market will keep going strong.


Atlanta CRE Market


Subsequently the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has shown some good signs. Even though purchases have gone down over the past few months. Other factors have been decently strong. We are seeing optimism as long as our mayor stops being an idiot. You cannot continue to shut down businesses and force people inside. This will kill an entire economy and we do not agree with it. Moreover many of the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate verticals are seeing some good signs.




 Firstly the industrial vertical of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is seeing some great signs. Not just at The Office Advisors are we seeing production on this level. The numbers from co-star are showing that industrial landlords are increasingly asking rents. They are doing this at a very high rate of speed. As demand is going through the roof for industrial spaces. Subsequently the landlords are seeing opportunity to make more money. As we all know the supply and demand factor will level out rents most likely.  However this might take a few years for them to cool off.




Now going into the Atlanta Commercial sector of shopping centers is what most people think of. These are retail spaces and  restaurants. You might not be aware that the determining factor for this is the amount of leases signed.  If you look at the last month  an increase in leasing activity has gone. However it is still at less than half the rate for the pre pandemic shut Downs. I’ll always take it as a good sign however we can only hope that is going to increase more rapidly.


 The Office Advisors has seen an uptick in leases as well. Generally speaking our clientele has continued to push through despite the pandemic. We have business owners who are ready to open and wanting to get in new spaces. So The Office Advisors are coming up with unique ways to torrent search for properties at the moment. Moreover the shutdowns have also caused some pauses as well. When the mayor will rollback phases then businesses get scared. We are expecting that businesses will not heed the warnings or leadership advice.



Lastly the office sector of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is still showing signs of Health. The development of new office and other mixed-use projects are still underway. Everyday it seems as if a new building or at our place is created. If you are just driving around the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate you will see large cranes everywhere. Our Skyline is constantly dotted with these huge cranes swooping over the Office Buildings. We are hoping that this does not create a massive oversupply in the Atlanta Market. However new companies are continually coming to our state due to the tax breaks


 Subsequently The Office Advisors are hoping that we will return with a boom when all of this passes over. So if you are looking for any type of new office space now might be the time to start. We generally say start 9 months to a year out until it is needed. This gives you plenty of time to locate your right Atlanta commercial real estate office. However The Office Advisors or Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts. So whenever you are in the need we are here to get you in a space as quickly as possible.

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