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The Choice In Companies


Newly licensed or even existing license realtors in the state of Georgia have a wide selection of commercial real estate companies to work for it. Atlanta commercial real estate market has a vast amount of commercial brokerages. We have everything from the largest company in the world CBRE to small boutique firms like The Office Advisors. so when trying to find a job in the landing spot for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate career be sure to understand what it’s like to work there. If you are interested in joining our team at The Office Advisors you can call us at 404-594-3028.


 Now we know that when you are a newly licensed agent it is exciting and overwhelming all at once. You may be from out of state and just wanting to start your career in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Arena. While brokerage is a great way to make a living it is also very tough. Company you end up signing on with can determine your success or failure in the industry. However doing your research about the Atlanta commercial real estate brokers beforehand puts you in a better place to succeed. 


What the Large Firms Are Like


During your search for the right Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company where you want to hang your license I’m sure you will come across the many large firms. Some of the industry Giants in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Field seemed exciting to work for.  however it is important to understand what type of support, training and commission structure you are getting into. Our experience at the larger firms might not be exactly what you’re looking for.


 Moreover if you want to be very successful in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Field it is important to find a mentor. The larger firms will typically put you on a small team for incoming brokers. You are generally put as an analyst and won’t even be working deals. They make you an analyst for a few years until they feel like you understand the landscape. Generally speaking this is not a bad path. However if you are a go-getter wanting to just get deals done this might not be the setup for you. Understanding that you will not be working deals right away when signing on with a larger firm in the Atlanta commercial real estate market might deter you from trying to work for one.  In short The Office Advisors are not like the large companies. 


What working at a mainly residential brokerage


In addition to working at a large Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm there’s always a choice of trying to find a Residential Brokerage to hang your license at. Mainly residential companies might have a commercial team or two. Some of them might have a single individual that does commercial real estate. However typically these companies are not set up for success to deal with the larger Atlanta Commercial Real Estate functions.

Now to be honest if you were trying to deal with the larger firms you come from a strictly residential company they do not like dealing with you. Generally the larger companies are going to be rude or not even give you the time of day. They feel that you do not understand the commercial real estate market in Atlanta. They view themselves as the big dogs and you’re not even in the same league trying to play on their field. The Office Advisors treats all of our employees and Industry partnerships with respect at all times.


History of The Office Advisors


Subsequently the office advisors are founded because of the fact that the larger firms move too slow and residential firms don’t have respect. So what we are talking about is the fact that we found this company in order to break out from the traditional and I have the agility of a small boutique organization. When working for us you will feel the lightheartedness of a residential company with the professionalism and knowledge of a large Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company.


 Likewise we have found ourselves on principles of dealing with a customer facing model. We want to be able to make the Atlanta commercial real estate transaction process much easier and understandable for our clients. Creating a process that is inclusive and non barriered is imperative to success on all sides of the transaction. We use the most up-to-date technology and are constantly working on our process. This is an order to change the landscape and create speed and momentum and every opportunity. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has moved slowly in the first centuries The Office Advisors is here to speed it up. 


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What to expect when working here


Now if you’re wondering what it is like to be part of the office advisor team we hope chicken day that now. The best part about the office advisors is the fact that we are constantly trying to feed our agents leads. One of the reasons that we set ourselves apart is because we are trying to create a system that is a constantly generated source for our brokers. Working your own leads and Lee generation system is great. However typically it is not enough and takes a long time to ramp up.


 Furthermore we want to be able to start making you money immediately when you come on board. We have a script system in a process to follow that is there to ensure your success at the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Broker. We understand that you may be. I’ve had experience with larger companies in the past. However working at the offset by theirs is going to change your outlook and your success meter in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Field. 


Our commission structure is going to make you more money because we have lower overhead. Dealing with a large firm they have been slow and think they need the D large office. However in today’s day and age understanding the fact that everyone is mobile is what makes us more efficient. Our commissions that we paid our agents are generally 10% or more greater than other Atlanta commercial real estate companies.


We would love to hear from you


So if you were ready to start your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate career at a brokerage that is set up for Success then visit our website today. If you like to learn more you can always still out one of the contact us forms on the office  Also you can call our vice president 404-594-3028.


Other Media


 If you are a small business owner then you might want to check out our YouTube channel. Weekly Mastermind meetings are held by our vice president commercial operations read more. They are with industry Titans and business owners from around the southeast. They discuss business strategies and implementation techniques. You can also check it out on our blog.


 If podcasting is your thing then you might want to check out Thrive Time Shows interview with our vice president. Thrive time show is a multiple times top of the iTunes chart business podcast. The show is an interview about tenant representation services at the office advisors.


Sellect Realty 


 Atlanta Commercial Real Estate and residential real estate experts are what we are. We at the office advisors come from a family brokerage. The family brokerage is Sellect Realty in Marietta Georgia. A trusted name 4 years in the residential Market.