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When working with The Office Advisors your options are vast. Atlanta commercial real estate is a favorite market for large and small investors. As an investor, you have your pick of real estate brokerages to choose from. However, not all Atlanta commercial real estate companies provide the same choice. Chose The Office Advisors to offer the greatest amount of solutions. Starting with your goals we will strategies together on how to attack the market.


Now, it does not matter if you are buying out selling a commercial asset. The brokers here are highly skilled in getting the job done. We are Atlanta commercial real estate efficiency experts. Going through the numbers in order to make sure all the information is in order. Never will a broker from The Office Advisors pressure you to purchase or sell an asset that you are not comfortable with. The solutions we bring to the table will blow your mind. Get in touch with us today to learn more. The easiest way is by visiting our website


Looking to Buy?

Currently, money is cheap. What does this mean? The rates on lending are extremely low. They are actually historically low for the United States. So when it is easy to get money investors like to buy. At this current time, there is an inflation of prices. That does not mean there are still great buys on the market. When working with the office advisors we have many solutions to your problems. From our network of other industry professionals.


 Furthermore, the office advisors will scout out whatever the property is you’re looking for. Starting with the end in mind we come up with a plan from the get-go. Making sure we understand what your goals are. The broker that is going to work with you is extremely qualified. We want to make sure that we understand what it is you’re trying to achieve. That way we can help deliver an Atlanta commercial real estate asset to you. With the vast amount of off market properties, there are still deals out there. Your broker will put in the work. They want to help you achieve your financial goals.


The Sale of an investment building


Traditionally marketing an Atlanta commercial asset is fine. However, we utilize technology and our proven techniques to sale your asset faster and for more money. It is no secret that the dat and age we live in is faster every day. That is why we focus so heavily on technology. The team here ulizes every solution available. We make sure to get eyes on your property from around the world. This way you have the most exposure possible. Another import point is commissions. Atlanta commercial real estate brokers are known for hoarding a property. They will not present offers to their client in the beginning. They do this selfishly. The Office Advisors knows this is wrong and is changing how Atlanta commercial real estate is done. We share the commission and advertise broadly!


There Are Options with your Building

Another reason so many investors love working with us is the number of choices we bring to the table. Some people might need to free up some capital, but do not want to lose the actual space. Others need cash, but really do not want to let go entirely of a certain asset. That’s ok, we have great choices for you and your building.


Some owner-operators might not be familiar with the options they have. A sale-leaseback is a great choice for a business owner that needs capital to run their business. This means that they never leave the location and still operate. Visit our website or call us today to learn more.


1031 exchange

A great option for many investors is the 1031 exchange. A tax option that many Atlanta commercial real estate investors utlize. Furthermore, the brokers at The Office Advisors will help you find the next property to deploy the cash. We can assisitin in the sale as well as locating the nex asset. Remember that we are Atlanta commercial real estate efficiency experts.


Lease up to Sale

Now, let’s talk about how to achieve the highest return for your investment property. That is through allowing The Office Advisors the opportunity to lease up your building. When a commercial asset is analyzed it is about how much money is it making. The more cash flow a property has the more valuable it makes it. We can take a building and lease it up to get ready to sell. Once a final lease is signed that is the most your building will be with. Every day is a loss of cash flow to a potential buyer. Let The Office Advisors assist you in all of your Atlanta commercial real estate needs.

Choices through our network 

Finally, a brokerage that has options! Through our vast network of investors, we can get the job done for you. I’m sure that you might be wondering how. An example that I can give deals with medical assets. We have an industry partner that only purchases medical office buildings. I know that this is nothing special. However, their purchase options are unique. They can make an active owner of a building and turn them into a passive investor. Without speaking on their behalf, think of it like this. They will give you shares of the building back. A great way for you to free up time and benefit by not being taxed. Sounds Amazing! As with all of this contact one of us to learn more.

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We make it super simple to reach us. Visiting our website is the fastest. You can also Facebook chat with our brokers. We are changing how Atlanta commercial real estate is done. We want you along with us for the journey. So give us a call today.404-594-3028


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