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If you have never worked with an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company before then you’re in luck. The Office Advisors is a firm that is here to assist you. Especially when it comes to purchasing or selling an investment asset. There are many choices when it comes to companies in the Atlanta Commercial. However, not all are created equal. The Office Advisors are here to assist investors of all sizes. No matter what your budget is we have the capacity to help. We love helping small businesses because we are a small business. So when you are searching around the world wide web for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Investments visit our website. Trust us you will not be disappointed. 


 Furthermore, The Office Advisors has a team of industry experts. Utilizing their skills and all different Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset classes. The Brokers will assist you and not only sourcing the property. They also can guide you through the negotiation process. The Atlanta Commercial Real Estate process is time-consuming and many times confusing. Hiring a respected industry professional is imperative to your success. The Office Advisors are Atlanta Commercial Real Estate efficiency experts.


 Understanding what your goals are from the beginning will help us help you. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has many different asset classes. As well as investment strategies that can be beneficial. However, when investing in a property it is best to understand what your end goal is. There are many different ways to invest in order to get a return. Some of them might be a cash flow play or an appreciation play. These are just a few of the general investment strategies our clients use.  a broker from our team will sit down with you in order to assess your goals and needs. Subsequently tossing out the non necessary properties along the way.


 Investment asset classes

 Firstly it is important to understand that each asset class comes with a different risk. As well as different costs and structures to leases.  Understanding the tenant makeup of a certain Atlanta commercial real estate property will help you analyze a. Making sure that you understand that the benefits and risk differ. Firstly you have to take a check and inventory of yourself. Knowing what risk you are willing to tolerate from the beginning. This will help with the broker assisting you on the purchase of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset.


 Now each asset class has pros and cons. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is strong in many different sectors. Making a play on something that is depressed at the moment might pay larger dividends in the long run. However, an industry that is currently blooming with high prices will give you a lower return. Understanding that each glass Weatherby industrial, retail, or office has the potential to make or lose money.


Industrial Investments

 Unless you have been living under a bridge during the year 2020 this news is should not come as a shock. In the Atlanta commercial real estate market, the industrial sector is booming. There is a large amount of spec space being built. As well as a continued rise in asking rents. Historically these rents have stayed stagnant over the past 20 years. However with an increased need for distribution and Manufacturing. A rise in the absorption of vacant spaces has increased. The industrial and flex space sector is growing at a rapid rate. Not in small part due to the coronavirus. However, the increase in e-commerce has created a vast need. 


weighing the options on a previously stagnant asset class should be step 1. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has strong indicators that this industry will continue to grow. However, knowing that prices increase along with demand. the increase in price will ultimately decrease the return on investment. Weighing the options of risk vs return is a good place to start. If you would like a more guaranteed return maybe this is something you should think about.


 Triple net

 now am extremely Safe Way of investing is the triple net purchase. What a triple net lease is when a landlord owns the land and many times has built it. There is a tenant in place that is responsible for everything. Typically in the state of Georgia, this means they pay taxes as well as maintenance. Creating a virtually headache-free investment for the owner. They will collect a check with no responsibilities on the property. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many of these opportunities available.


 Rightfully so you might be questioning why do more people not do this? Simply put a lot of individuals do not know about this. Also, the return is typically lower due to the stabilized nature of the asset. An asset is more stabilized the return is typically lower. However, it is basically guaranteed to cash flow.


Other Asset Classes To Invest In

forever the plethora of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate available to investors is abundant. However, the quality as well as risk varies. No matter if you are a first-time investor or a seasoned veteran The Office Advisors are here to help. Multifamily is an abundantly popular industry. However, if you were trying to go mainly in the perimeter of Atlanta you might be out of luck. Understandably so this has been massively picked over Market. There are many properties on markets being advertised. However, typically we are saying that they are overpriced. As well as take on a lot of value-add opportunities.


 Subsequently, we are saying that this might be a good play for someone. However, you must understand the cost and time that goes into renovating these assets. There are many different Office Buildings up for sale as well. We think a good play is in the medical office or general office sector. Even though medical office buildings are typically a hot asset. It is still a market that is growing. As well as a completely underserved in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Arena.


 Furthermore, the general office sector seems to be shrinking. However, once life returns to normalcy we believe there will be a rise in need. As well as a rise in rents on the leases. If you’re an investor that likes to make a Long play We believe this might be a great asset to invest in the near future.


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