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If you’re looking to invest in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate and then you found the right place. The Office Advisors are your number one Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerage. We pride ourselves on being able to help even the smallest of investors. No matter if this is your first time or you are a seasoned cre investor. The Office Advisors are able to service you and no matter what type of commercial asset you were trying to attain. Even if you were trying to lease it out which is our specialty we can assist you. Contact us today at.


Now if you haven’t begun your search for your first cre investment then do not worry. There are many steps along the way.  However, having a special on your side can save you lots of time and money. Let The Office Advisors be your number one choice for all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate. We are Masters at customer service and excellent analyzers of CRE.


Defining your Objective 


 Starting off you need to understand and narrow down your goal. Creating a goal is starting at the end. I’m sure that you’ve heard before it is best to start with the end in mind. This is so you can put together a plan on how to reach that goal.The Office Advisors are here to help assist. We are Atlanta’s commercial real estate efficiency experts. We can help you understand what you were trying to do to attain.


 however you must understand your risk tolerance first. Defining the objective that you were trying to obtain from the get-go can help you weed out a lot of bad properties. Understanding that there are many different investment vehicles. Especially in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. The officer visors are here to assist you for all things strategy and cre.


Hiring the right Realtor


Requesting the assistance of a licensed broker is a good place to begin. Having a representative that understands the Atlanta commercial real estate market can save you a lot of money. The landscape is filled with a lot of ambiguity. Moreover, having a professional on your side can save you the headache.


The Office Advisors are here to free you up so you can do what you do best. Your broker will sit through the countless number of listings. A great thing about the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Investment saying is there’s a lot to choose from. Even in slow markets we have a lot of different asset classes that create opportunities. No matter what type of asset class you’re trying to invest in. It is important to have a license industry professional. Having a professional on your side will allow you to navigate the waters. License individuals in the state of Georgia typically understand the ins-and-outs of commercial real estate investment.


Locating Properties

Searching for your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space is the fun part. You get to tour and look through countless photos. The galleries can be enticing and interesting and so can the forest. However you must keep your eye on the prize. The numbers are what really matters in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry.


 Moreover do not get distracted by the shiny pretty assets. Generally speaking the money Lies when you find a ugly ass at. These ugly Atlanta commercial real estate properties are a dime a dozen. You have to have the money in time to be able to invest. Once you have invested in added value then they become gray property. Investing your money to spruce up a property pays all. This is because you increase the value and equity in your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. Which you can create cash flow from and then sell at a higher price than you bought.




However The Office Advisors are your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate analysis expert. We can help you break down and property quick-and-dirty to understand if your cash was going to make sense for your goals. The data that is gathered from due diligence or upfront can help save a lot of money. Understanding how much money you’ll be making a property is key. The Office Advisors can help you understand all things CRE.


 Now some people are held back. They suffer from a disease. We caught this disease “analysis paralysis”. The  paralysis can come from over analyzing a property. We see this a lot with first-time investors. They are too scared to make the plunge. Furthermore they still like they analyze down to every cent and want to make it work perfectly. Typically what we see is if you have a good plan in the property makes rough since it’ll work out.




 Many people love this next stage. The negotiation stage is when the price and concessions are agreed to. Original letters of intent are back and forth. Once a price has agreed upon concessions as well. Then it goes into an official contract.


Now, many other steps are happening during the offering process. But this is just a quick overview of them. The Office Advisors are your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate negotiating expert. Having us on your side can guarantee you success.




Furthermore once the negotiations are done the due diligence. It’s over when you finally received your asset. Your Atlanta commercial real estate property has to be finished by an attorney. This is the law in the state of Georgia. The Office Advisors has great relationships with many atlanta-based attorneys. All these attorneys have expertise in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry.


 However unlike residential real estate this is not the end of the process. Once you close on an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset and then the real work begins. You must make it start cash flowing. This is when you  receive the for tenants. The tenants pay you this according to their lease. And you create positive cash flow for your building. Which increases equity in the long run.




 Now the leasing a part of the Atlanta commercial real estate property begins. You must have it advertised in order to have Tenants come to you. This is where The Office Advisors is your number one. We are able to advertise your space for lease. Bringing tenants into Atlanta commercial real estate properties as what we do best.


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