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If you’re looking to interview an agent or broker in the Atlanta commercial real estate market there’s some important things to keep in mind. The Office Advisors is going to be your best choice barn on. This is because we focus on our clients and we don’t use you as a transaction. From the first time that you speak with the broker you will understand that we are all about relationships. We want to help you become successful and that starts with your real estate. The Office Advisors  and assist in any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. Call today at 404-594-3028.


 Now not all brokerages or companies are created equal. In the Atlanta commercial real estate market there are many different brokerages to choose from. We have a wide variety from the largest commercial real estate company in the world down to the boutiques. The Office Advisors love helping the small businesses, because we are a small business too.


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First thing to check out our website at Here you can find reviews from customers and clients just like you. The reason that we are so blown away by our clients is that we really focus on them. You’ll be able to see that we care more about your success and getting the job done to your needs. The other brokerages just view their clients as transactions. They also do things the very old way.


 Modern times call for modern solutions, this is why the founders of our organization went out on the road. After years of working for the large real estate companies in Atlanta they saw a need for change. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate is very slow to adapt to new technology. They feel like they have to keep everything on guard and that is including information. However we see this as a disservice to our industry.


 Constantly trying to push forward with the use of Technology our founders want to make the process easier for the client. Moreover when the process is easier more well-thought-out it stresses out our clients last. The Office Advisors are here to help you in any of your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs. So with the use of technology and a driving force for change we are sure that we are the best fit for any size operation.


Agents Rational for Getting Paid


 Whenever you are interviewing a broker for the job of representation you need to understand their motives. It is always smart to check around on a few brokerages to see if their service is aligned with your needs. Not all Atlanta Commercial Real Estate brokerages offer the same service for the same price. At The Office Advisors we never charge our tenant representation clients a fee. The fee is paid by the landlord. We do not expect a business, especially a startup to pay us.


Understanding the intentions of the broker that you were going to hire is important. You need to make sure that they are all about your needs and not just another transaction. The way that a buyer or Tender Trap makes money is through the landlord or owner of property. This means that their commission is typically higher whenever the price to you is higher. Moreover they work in tandem with the other broker so you need to make sure that they have your interests and needs. A broker could guide you to purchase an asset at a higher price or least the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space height of a higher price. This means that they get a higher Commission.


Free to Hire Us


 Furthermore at The Office Advisors this is why we do not charge our clients a fee. We feel that if you know that there is no type of minimum or recourse you will trust that we are truly working for you. From the onset of working with your broker you understand that we care about your needs. We take an assessment of what your goals in desires are. Having a plan railroad map is important to make sure everyone’s on the same page. This helps in wasteful time or communication down the line.


 Now you might not be aware that some of the large brokerages might not even work with you. I’m sure you might be questioning this right now. Why would they not want free money? Well the answer is that generally if you were less than 5000 square feet or long-term the large guys who don’t want to deal with you. They think it is worth their time and effort to assist small businesses. However the office advisor sees this as a great disservice to the backbone of America.


We get the little company


 Likewise we are a small business as well. So we understand the needs of our small business clients better than the large corporations. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate has a lot of Brokers has to choose from. Here we are the ones working for these small companies. Larger companies are not as swift or as agile as we are. They have a higher cost of doing business because they have large teams. We have supported the move very quickly. So you will not have much time wasted or if he’s heading into your agreement ever with The Office Advisors.


Contract Could Have Hidden Cost to You


So when interviewing in Atlanta commercial real estate companies represent you you need to understand all the fees. Sometimes Brokers might have a minimum commission they are expecting. They are expecting a minimum commission amount for their work that they are providing you. However we will never require a memo. This puts you at a great benefit because of every transaction the same. The harder we work the more we will be paid in order to get you the best price. So make sure that your broker does not have a minimum and that you might be coming out of pocket if you need a smaller space.


 Furthermore other Atlanta commercial real estate companies require a retainer fee. We generally advise our clients to start looking for their Atlanta Commercial Real Estate space nine months to a year in advance. Many people do not realize the amount of time it takes to negotiate a move and get a build-out space ready for move-in. So this is why some brokerages require a retainer fee. It means that they are going to be working for generally A Year Without payment if not requiring this. However at the office about his number to charge a retainer fee we know that we can get the job done quicker and more efficiently than any other Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company.


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