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Currently trying to search for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate can be daunting. But if you have the right brokerage on your side things are different. The Office Advisors is the Atlanta commercial real estate efficiency experts. Trying to find a brokerage, not just a single broker to work with is the biggest hurdle for many. Small to medium-sized companies do not realize the amount of money that is leaving on the table. When trying to look for a place to lease, or even an asset to buy. These small to large businesses do not realize that brokerage services are available to them. If they are working with The Office Advisors many times these services are free. So why don’t you contact us for a free consultation today. 404-594-3028


 Furthermore understanding the Atlanta commercial real estate market is a major hurdle. Many business owners do understand what is happening on a macro, and sometimes micro-level. However the ever-changing landscape of Atlanta has created many opportunities. Especially in areas that traditionally thought were on the decline. However during the pandemic we have seen a massive rise in asking rents in industrial space. The office sector which has suffered greatly in many other cities is still taking forward here. So having a broker on your side that understands the industry and Market it’s just good business sense. The Office Advisors are standing by to assist you in all things Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.


Metro Area Rents Rise

Now it is no secret that real estate tends to appreciate. This is the fact because we are constantly moving forward as an American society. Driving with development to create new and larger opportunities. These opportunities create businesses which in turn create jobs. When people have businesses and jobs it brings up the entire surrounding area. It is no secret that there are many Atlanta commercial real estate properties that used to be distressed. These previously distressed properties are now being gentrified.


The more a rise in quality and cost of building materials create an increase in rents. However many opportunities in industrial spaces are still on the rise. The asking rent for industrial properties around the Metro Atlanta area have been trending upward. They have been on the upward swing since the beginning of the pandemic. This is because there is a massive need for more industrial space in the Atlanta commercial real estate market.


However, almost across all different Metro Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets asking rent has increased.  the industrial sector of Atlanta commercial real estate properties have continually jumped up. Especially since the onset of the rise in the corona pandemic. Large SPEC Building operations are still being done, with no hesitation. Landlords with existing space do not seem to care about competition. The asking and effective rents are still being met or exceeded. With a continual hunger in Atlanta for new industrial space the sector seems from slowing down.


Mega Investors Gear-Up

 Mini large portfolios are securing funds at the moment. Currently an extremely large industrial real estate buyer has created a partnership with Goldman Sachs. We are currently securing around 2 billion dollars. These new funds will be  slated for refresh of a current portfolio. 


Some of these institutional buyers are not buying it, just one deal. The partnership between Goldman Sachs and Dalfen Industrial have already closed to Deals this year. Creating a buzz around more industrial-type portfolios.


Where are they Buying?

Now many of us are extremely familiar with e-commerce. Having everyone that shut inside has created an even larger market for this industry. Creating new opportunities for industrial type spaces. These last mile deliveries are popping up. This is exactly what the large portfolio buyers are hoping for. With the redeployment of capital on existing assets. They are refreshing some very large last-mile distribution properties. Banking on the fact that people continue to shop online in the future these last mile industrial jobs will be a central keep.


 However they are not just bought in the Metro Atlanta Commercial Real Estate area. With many portfolios scattering across the country in major cities. Creating a vast network of not only Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industrial properties, but logistical properties throughout our nation. 


Focused on Certain types of Industrial 

 Furthermore large investment firms have created a massive focus on certain types of industrial property. Going back to the last mile delivery Stacy in massive need of a new market. Trying to fill that up as a landlord relationship. The Goldman Sachs partnership has acquired 6.3 million square feet of e-commerce space recently. Not all the square fees totaling up in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. However there are many other firms bidding on the same type of asset classes. So if you are an industrial investor with a large portfolio, it might be a great time to sell. Furthermore developing sites like these are also creating a great opportunity for the industrial space. With new companies and existing ones needing logistical hubs.  the Atlanta commercial real estate market for industrial space teams to not be close to its ceiling yet.

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