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Never work with an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate company before then you’re in luck. Especially if you were looking in at the industrial sector. The Office Advisors knows all things industrial and shipping spaces. With many large logistics centers being speculative built. At The Office Advisors, we are keeping the pulse on Honda leasing in development activity. Especially in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. We have had a large number of industrial buildings since the pandemic. However new companies are forging in an industry where they are not familiar. Make sure that you are broker Aura Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Company understands the nuances of industrial leasing. Contact others to learn more about how we can help.


 Furthermore, with this sector, booming investors are flocking. If you have a property that you would like to sell or purchase contact us. The Office Advisors are experts in negotiating as well as sourcing off-market assets. With an exponential increase in the need for warehouses, space developers are hungry. They are trying to snatch up land as fast as possible. The Office Advisors is even working on an extremely large industrial deal in south Georgia perfect for any type of distribution center. Now that most businesses have gone to the e-commerce model and delivery. Do you need a larger space and more of it is happening? Companies that thought they would never need more warehouse space are having to Pivot and do the opposite. The Office Advisors are understanding what is happening when it comes to Industrial leasing in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate arena. 


These times created a new Need

 With the year 2020 almost over we can reflect and see how major disruptors have happened. With not a jest a pandemic happening but all the other microelements that horse Park. Individuals who would once and never order the groceries from home. We’re clamoring around online and getting things to leverage right to their door. Boomers who would not believe that you could have fresh produce logistically arrive at your home on the same day are blown away. This has created a new target and industry users. The Industrial Atlanta commercial real estate market has reacted.


 However, not all of the new speculative buildings have been at least. Furthermore, there seems to be a lack of Supply. Even though there’s still a lot of available space 2 released. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has not gotten too full of the reaction rate as of yet. With many companies choosing to be farther and farther away from the CBD. We are seeing more favorable terms on the outskirts in the suburban areas. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has many factors that are attractive to logistical companies.


 Atlanta Industrial submarkets on fire

Currently, we are seeing lots of these companies move out to the suburbs on more favorable lease terms. Not just the base rent, but the ease of access for the trucks to get on major highways. Everyone in the Atlanta commercial real estate market knows that traffic is a major factor here. So we are seeing these logistics companies trying to skirt around the city and be able to deliver two more World areas. Wikipedia rise in e-commerce users Industrial in the logistics companies are needing more space Inland different areas. In order to keep up with demand and a competitive market. These companies are offering same-day delivery which is creating a need for much smaller rural distribution centers. It is amazing to see how people who never had any type of delivery service before. And now are able to get same-day grocery deliveries. All things to the back of industrial and logistical hubs being built.


Retooling Old Retail Centers

Furthermore, unless you’ve been living under a rock you have heard about the revitalization of large malls. These once-massive anchor tenant stores are now being turned into industrial distribution hubs. Amazon has the least thousands of square feet of old Macy’s, JCPenney’s, and Belk. Just to save you. These are now bustling Amazon centers. Once vacant massive Mall parking lots been refilled with cars. However, these cars and vans, and trucks are now brazened with the Amazon logo.


 However, we see this is an extremely creative solution to utilize for a new use. When’s dad and decrepit areas are being brought back to life. It’s funny to see how this is still a retail ask operation operating out of large square footage spaces. Once anchor tenant stores are now Amazon selling the same product out of them. However, it may get to the customer in a slightly different manner.


What does the future look like

 Consequently, we do not have a crystal ball. It is going to be interesting to see how all of these other spaces play out. With many different companies needing larger and larger Warehouse square footage. This is due to the fact that their business model is changing. In time to a backup Supply. Meaning that manufacturers used to do on the order. However with many people expecting an extremely fast turnaround from the day they order the product.  creating a need for more storage space for already done products. In order to have them shipped and delivered it to the customer in an extremely timely manner.



Many funds have been making moves. As well as we are about to hear about one major industrial fund’s earnings. It will be interesting to see. Check out the report here. 


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