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 Being in logistics, manufacturing, or even some type of service Industries you might need industrial space. The Atlanta commercial real estate market has industrial areas around the Metropolitan Hub. You may be aware that we are such a transient city and many goods are shipped throughout our city. The Office Advisors are here to help you with your industrial real estate needs. (404) 594-3028


 We have Brokers that are enthusiastic in the industrial area. We are going to share that we have the most experienced brokers in the Atlanta commercial real estate market to help with your industrial needs. They understand the market in the nuances that go into leasing industrial real estate. Maybe even purchasing industrial real estate. This is a good time to look into the options of purchasing some type of industrial real estate asset.


Economic forces changing investors


 Now with the current recession almost upon us we have been talking to investors around the Atlanta commercial real estate market. One of the areas that they had started moving in towards is the industrial aspect of Real Estate. With Logistics and supply chain issues happening all throughout our country many companies are shutting down. This only means that there’s going to be an opportunity in a vacuum pole for other types of Industries in companies to move into previously used Real Estate


Furthermore they are purchasing these assets because there will be some type of use for them in the future. They are now cheaper without clients for tenants in them so this is the time to buy. The industrial aspect of the Atlanta commercial real estate market is shrinking in some areas but growing in others. You need a broker that understands the industrial Market. The Office Advisors are here to help.


Reach us today


 Now what you have to do to get in contact with a broker is visit our website at You can fill out a form and one of our Brokers will be in contact with you. This assessment can be to help you with whatever you were trying to accomplish in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry. We could help with what other aspect you need.


First will suggest that you always work with a license real estate broker. This is because the Atlanta commercial real estate market and especially the industrial area is fraught with confusion and legal steps. This is why we would like to build a team around everything we do. We want to make sure our clients are set up for success from the get-go. Also you want to have someone who understands the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate industry on your team. Even if you do not work with us we believe that you should have someone in your corner protecting your interest. you should always interview a few Brokers to make sure you have the right one working with you for your needs.


 Second you should make sure that your assets are in line and you have a Clear Vision when trying to purchase or lease any type of Atlanta Commercial Real Estate asset. We had the office of visors can help you break down this process step by step.  again risk is now there without reward. Also being set up for Success has part of what we can help with. We will help you set up a game plan from the beginning.


 Services for Industrial Real Estate


 Now our services that we can help when in the industrial in Atlanta commercial real estate market are a few things. We think we have the best technology in photography around. We want to make sure your asset is shining whenever we leave it. Yes that is correct we do offer commercial listing services for industrial. We make sure that everything is shown so your clients and potential buyers or users of the space will understand everything. Also we take drone photography when it is allowed. This gives an added bonus to your listing.


 Moreover are listing services We Believe are better than the rest in the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Field. when we do not use a professional photographer we always use a professional camera. This is so your listing stands out better than all the rest. Also you don’t have to worry about building calls from the listing we will deal with all the Atlanta commercial real estate brokers on your back.


 Buyer representation


 Now what are the services we offer is assisting investment buyers in the Atlanta commercial real estate market. No matter what type of asset you were looking to purchase we can help. We always make sure that when buying industrial goods this matches up with your current portfolio revision for your message. We want to make sure that you were buying the right industrial asset for your needs. You can rest assured that our Brokers are going to help you with whatever you need in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.


 Tenant representation


 Another aspect that we offer in the Atlanta commercial real estate market is tenant representation. We can help any type of industrial user find and Lease space. We use the best technology in the most up-to-date software in order to locate and negotiate your next industrial space. No matter if you were a manufacturer needing in a million + square feet or a small-time cleaning crew. We can help you find a space that is right for you. Leasing is tricky and there are many different types of rates and Market standards.You can rest assured that The Office Advisors have your back whenever you are trying to leave for the next industrial space.


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 The Office Advisors visors are here to help with whatever your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs are. We make it simple and easy for you to contact us. This is why you should visit our website at we have a contact us page or on the homepage you can fill out the form and one of our Brokers will get back to you. This course is always free and no obligation to work with us. We can answer any questions you have any more happy to help with whatever your Atlanta Commercial Real Estate needs are.(404) 594-3028


 YouTube Mastermind


 Now if you were a business owner you might want to check out our YouTube channel. Our vice president of commercial operations hold their weekly Mastermind meeting. This is a video. And they discussed many different aspects of business and how to cope with the current market. They’re not only Atlanta Commercial Real Estate experts but industries from other fields.


 residential real estate


 Sellect Realty is the sister brand of The Office Advisors. A residential real estate company  based in Marietta. No matter what your type of real estate needs are, we are here to help. We are the number one Atlanta Commercial Real Estate firm and Marietta is number one residential firm. Contact either of us today for your next step.