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What is Happening In Georgia Overall

 Know if you have read any type of real estate news you know that Georgia and Atlanta are hot and investor topics. This is due to many circumstances.  The year 2020 saw a lot of change in how consumers purchase. Not just general products but the services as well. There was a massive rise in e-commerce customers.  traditionally in Boomer and the older generation, they were not using the internet to purchase all of their goods. However, with the rise of the Coronavirus new consumers were created.


 However, this change has been constantly going upward in the past years. The 20/20 craziness caused a sharp increase in the number of online users.  Creating a need or a vast logistical network. This has caused such a rise in the need of industrial space. We’re other traditional Atlanta Commercial Real Estate assets or strong have now soccer. The office sector is on hold and seems to be continually negatively affected.


 subsequently with a need for logistical Networkswe in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate seen haven’t seen a large rise in leasing activity. As well as investment in purchases of industrial space. If you’re an investor you might want to purchase an industrial asset soon before the market runs rampant. 


Are Funds still buying Industrial Property?

 Traditions became even with recessions Atlanta Commercial Real Estate purchases still happen. However, we have not seen such activities since 2015. Even with the onset of the pandemic, Large Investments have still been made. The amount of industrial space purchased around the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate mark it as well as other markets in Georgia continued on the rise.

Now it is not only large investment funds that are purchasing an industrial asset. These small-time investor is still snatching up square footage around Georgia. However, the largest purchases have been seen in the Port of Savannah as well as surrounding Atlanta Commercial Real Estate sub-markets.


Where is the Money Coming From?

 Logically someone would ask where’s all this investment money coming from. Is it all just American companies or is it spread out? Firstly there is a large number of American funds and joint ventures that are purchasing industrial assets. However, it is not the only major investment coming into Georgia. There are a few Canadian companies that have acquired multiple properties throughout Georgia. They have created a $730 million dollar portfolio increase since the spring of this year. 


What areas Are they targeting?

They have been focusing on Georgia for years for a few main reasons. We have a large growing Blue Collar workforce. Able to staff these large industrial operations. However, not all of them are just located in the general Atlanta commercial real estate market. Many of them have been focused on Savannah as well.


 Subsequently,  the Port of Savannah is the fastest-growing Court in all of the United States. With a mass influx of shipping to the area. As well as a great infrastructure for Georgia with not only waterways but Rail lines and Road systems. Investors have focused here with a laser-like approach. King in on the different areas based upon infrastructure and Workforce. However, taxes cannot be ignored for the benefits to companies in our state.


Hire the Best

 Lastly, if you are looking for the most efficient in Atlanta Commercial Real Estate contact The Office Advisors. We have industrial listings as well as all Morgan properties that can suit your needs. No matter what type of investor you are weak service you. We have the capacity to handle millions of dollars and transactions. As well as the small first-time investor. The Office Advisors are Atlanta commercial real estate experts for a reason.


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